DIY: My Doodle Chair!

So... I've been wanting to attempt this idea for awhile. I finally got around to it late Sunday afternoon, and I'm digging the result!

First of all, I have four of these simple parsons chairs in our attic. My parents gave them to us a long time ago, but we haven't used them because the velvet slipcovers are really worn out. All I know is that my parents had owned them for awhile, so they aren't in perfect condition.

They look similar to these from Overstock, except ours have light colored wooden legs:

Our chairs are super plain, and I'm pretty sure they are intended to be slip-covered.  I figured, what harm could I do by doodling on them? In the best scenario, they would look awesome and we would keep them that way. Worst case, we would go buy slip covers and pretend like the whole doodling episode never happened. No big deal, right?

I love this bedding from Anthropologie. If I had endless funds, I would totally buy it. I decided to use it as my inspiration for the test run of my Doodle Chair. (Yes, I have officially named them my Doodle Chairs.)

The cool part about this project is that you can customize the writing to be whatever you want. I went sentimental for my chair, choosing to write the lyrics from the various songs at our wedding (first dance, ceremony, wedding video) and some of our favorite Bible verses.

It's an easy project to do while you watch TV!

The lyrics on the back of the chair? "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait. That was our first dance!

I was encouraged enough by how that looked to just keep going with the writing. Before I knew it, I had covered the entire chair!

Keeping it real, people. That's how lovely and junky our dining table usually looks!

Is it perfect? Nope. Sometimes my writing went a little crooked, and it's not all evenly spaced out. Who cares? The overall effect is just what I wanted!

I think it resembles the script fabric I love in all of the expensive stores, but it has so much more personality and interest than those fabrics because the words on the chair actually mean something to us. Good conversation starter, right?

Overall cost for this project? A whopping $2 for the fabric pen! Can't beat that. Of course, we were pretty fortunate to be gifted with four old Parsons chairs. Thanks Mom & Dad!  By the way, I used the Pentax Gel Roller for Fabric in Black (1.0 mm).

Now I feel like I need to do the other three chairs (once I can convince Scott to bring them down from the attic, his least favorite place in the world) and create a set of four for the dining table. It will really come in handy now because our fabulous Pottery Barn bargain table can seat 12 when it is fully extended!

I'm not done with this particular chair, though. Don't you think I need to do something about those legs? Sherry from Young House Love spray painted the legs of her Parsons chair in oil-rubbed bronze, and I think it looks great! 

What do you think– spray paint the chair legs with oil rubbed bronze or stain them the same deep brown as our fireplace mantel?

* Doodle Bug *

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