Affordable Fresh Flowers

When planning the decorations for my friend's baby shower, I pictured a simple garland and lots of fresh flowers. The garland was easy enough to make myself, but I was on the hunt for affordable fresh flowers that wouldn't break the bank. I visited all of our local grocery stores to compare prices and see what I could come up with to fit the garden party theme and the pink/turquoise color scheme.

The first thing I actually did was collect different vases and vessels for the flowers. Interestingly enough, all of them were from Target. I was wandering around the aisles when I spotted these really pretty blue glasses for about $2/each:

I had grand ambitions of painting mason jars to get the vintage blue look, but quite frankly, I ran out of time. These glasses would give me the colors I wanted without the DIY effort. Plus I liked them and would be happy to use them in our kitchen. Win/win!

Then I used other stuff I already had around the house, including a white ceramic pitcher and some country-ish metal buckets I had (both from Target).

Now, for the flowers. I ended up at Kroger because I had seen good prices on flowers there in the past.

Did you know that Kroger has clearance fresh flowers? Similar to the fresh bread and donuts, they do "manager's specials" when they want to sell the bouquets and plants quickly. I stumbled upon this at my Kroger and quickly snatched up every clearance plant in the pink family. They are marked with a bright yellow tag that says "Manager's Special."

I came home with two bouquets of pink carnations, two bouquets of pink alstromeria, one bouquet of a dozen pink roses ($1.99!), some potted pink tulips, a potted pink gardenias and a pink orchid, all for less than $25!

Sorry about the poor photography skills...

We ended up scattering the flowers onto the round tables and wherever we needed a little something. You can see the buckets and plants at work in the background of the picture above. It ended up being very cute and very affordable, which is always nice. 

What's the moral of the story? Kroger has affordable flowers! I will be frequenting my local Kroger now and probably treating myself to more fresh flowers now that I know where to find the "manager's specials." You just can't beat a dozen roses for $1.99!

While on the subject of flowers, I wanted to talk about sending flowers as gifts (1-800 Flowers, Teleflora, ProFlowers, etc). I have sent three different gifts recently and was really happy with each one. It's always a bit of risk, and you wonder if it will look as cute as the picture does online. In these cases, all of them were great!

I have started sending potted plants instead of bouquets. I figured it might last longer and be something they can plant at their home, which would be a bonus. I've tried sending these three gifts in the last month:

ProFlowers, $25

ProFlowers, $50

1-800 Flowers, $35

Aren't they all so cute? The recipients really loved them!

I will say, it is the delivery charges that really get you in this situation. It's totally worth it though, because there is nothing better than being surprised with something like fresh flowers at work!

Anyway, I just wanted to share these positive experiences with you in case you want to surprise your friends and family with a cute little gift at their desk. I love the idea of potted plants and hope these last a long time for each recipient. 

Well, I'm done blabbering about flowers. I'll be back tomorrow to show you the awesome piece I bought at the Wisteria outlet sale this weekend. I'm in LOVE with it!

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