Red Carpet to Real Home #1: Golden Globes

So, I was scanning through red carpet pictures from the Golden Globes and thought it would be fun to try out a little "Dress My Nest" idea. What would that beautiful couture gown look like if it were translated to home decor? Could be fun, right?

One of my favorite dresses belonged to Claire Danes. It was so interesting, but not wacky enough to be overwhelming her– you know what I mean? From the front it looks pretty simple, but the back is full of interesting details. It's the classic black and white dress with edgy touches that make it very cool, in my opinion. I love how her natural, soft hairstyle sort of softens the lines of the dress.


If Claire Danes' dress were a dining room, this is what I think it would look like:

Claire Danes to Dining Room


The tailored lines of the dress are represented by the chandelier and sleek black and white chairs, and the woven details of the gown come in with the woven leather dining chairs for the end of the table. Her jewelry comes in through the blinged-out salt and pepper shakers and the awesome silver dinnerware.

I felt like we needed to soften it up a little, so I found that brilliant table at West Elm to make the dining room more organic. That painting was too lovely to resist, so I had to add that. It's modern and feminine, just like the dress.

What do you think– does that dress translate well to a dining room?

* I love awards show season! *
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