Randoms & Online Shopping

The husband is out of town for a coaching conference, so you know what that means: GIRL TIME!

Last night I had coffee with a friend I hadn't seen in awhile, and I held her precious baby for at least 20 minutes! (That's a record for me– I'm a little scared of holding babies.) Then I met another friend for shopping and dinner. Tonight I'm going to dinner with another friend that I need to catch up with! I love my husband, but everyone needs girl time when they can get it. I'm taking advantage of this alone time to catch up with all my favorites!

Scott and I decided to have a "No-Shopping January." We aren't allowed to buy stuff (other than groceries and necessities) this month. That is, unless we have gift cards! It's the first time we've ever tried this, and it's going pretty well so far.

In an effort to stop me from actually shopping, I went online and did some virtual window shopping. Check out some of these super cute things I stumbled upon...

Why hello there, zig-zag dress form. AMAZING. Out of budget, but amazing. $300 at Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters

French Stripe Cosmetic Bags, on sale for $14.99 @ Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn

I love these olive wood paddle boards from West Elm. You can even have them monogrammed. I think they would be a fabulous wedding or housewarming gift! $19-$39 @ West Elm 

This iron half canopy bed is pretty cool! I love the design on the headboard and the fact that it comes with drapes. I think it's a decent price, on sale for $299 for a king (and only king sizes are still available). From Ballard Designs


I'm coaching a volleyball tournament all weekend– what are your plans? When not coaching, I'll definitely be rooting for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos! As Florida Gator fans, we have loved Tebow for a long time. It's been so fun to watch him have success in the NFL this year.
* Go Tebow! *

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