Perking Up the Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is one of the rooms we neglect a little bit because, well, we're the only ones who ever see it. Case in point: We hosted some friends this weekend. I was vacuuming the house before they arrived, but I didn't bother with the master bedroom. Instead I just closed the door so they couldn't see the mess!

Anyway, I've been trying to gradually upgrade our room. I got a HomeGoods gift card back in December (after being named runner up in the Centsational Girl's tablescape contest), and I have been saving it until I found the perfect lamps for our bedside tables. I finally found a great pair this weekend!

I was particularly fond of the lampshade's silver lining. I try to find the silver lining in every situation, even with lampshades. ;)

The new lamps give off such a nice glow. An extra bonus? We get a great view of the shade's silver lining when we're laying on the bed. The husband is a sucker for small details, so he loves that part.

You can see the previous lamps, hand-me-downs from my parents, in the photo below. They were fine, but I was longing for something more glamorous and interesting. I was planning to splurge on snazzy crystal lamps, but the shiny surface of these hammered metal lamps really caught my attention. They were sparkly and fun without the high price tag of a crystal lamp, so I decided to go for it!

I know the wall colors look really different in these photos, but that's just the difference between taking pictures in the day or early evening. It's still the same color.  

You may have noticed that our headboard looks a little different, too. See that blanket on the end of the bed? We decided to drape it across our plain off-white headboard to give the bed a slightly different look.  I'm digging it!

I got a great deal on some West Elm curtains last week that match the blue pillows on our bed perfectly.  The only problem is they were 108" long, and our ceilings aren't that high. What's a girl to do when her curtains are too long? She busts out her sewing machine and hems the curtains, of course. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. I SEWED something. Don't look too closely because my handiwork is far from perfect, but I actually operated a sewing machine!

I have to give a sewing shout-out to my husband. First of all, he got me the sewing machine for Christmas. He carefully read the manual, threaded the bobbin and figured out how to use the darn thing. That boy absolutely loves gadgets– even sewing machines. He WILL figure out how they work if it's the last thing he does! When I broke the glass on my iPhone, he spent three hours watching a YouTube video and taught himself how to put on a new glass touchscreen that he had bought for pennies on Amazon. Who does that?! He's my gadget hero.

Anyway, back to the curtains. I chose to layer them with the Ninni Trad curtains from Ikea. My mom had these curtains up when we visited them over the holidays and inspired me to find a place for them in my home. 

Since we didn't want to buy a new two-rod curtain system, we just put all of the panels on one rod that we had laying around in our garage. The blue curtains frame the window and the dot curtains are just fun. I really love how the combo looks together. Neither one would look right without the other, in my opinion. 

With those small changes (and a brown storage bench that we bought a couple months ago at Home Goods), the room has a different look. Oh yeah, and we also added a different bedskirt somewhere along the way– back in October, I think.

Summer 2011:

January 2012:

What do you think of the new changes?

* Where did the weekend go? *

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