Homemade Gifts: Fashion Sketches

Hellooo! I just wanted to pop in to share some of my latest artwork. I had to wait until Christmas to show them to you, since I gave them as presents to my two sisters-in-law. Both got married this past July, so I decided to surprise them with fashion sketches of each girl in her wedding gown.

These piece were done with pencil and watercolor. I'm happy to report that both ladies really loved them (at least they said they did, so I'll go ahead and believe it).

I wanted to make them more substantial with a really nice frame, so I was thrilled when I found these awesome matted frames at Aaron Brothers Art & Framing for 50% off. Score! Just like most artwork, these frames really added to the presentation and made my art look better that it was. I love that! :)

* Artist's block *

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