Cute Valentine Art

Can you believe Valentine's Day is coming up?

Didn't we just celebrate Christmas a couple days ago?

Anyway, I brought out my good ol' Prismacolor colored pencils this weekend and started doodling. (If you're in the market for quality colored pencils, Prismacolor is definitely the way to go.) I came up with a cute little Valentines sketch to start the pink-and-red holiday in our house.

Colored pencils are a tough medium to work with. Sometimes I get so frustrated with the blending capabilities and limited color palette. My only tip? Use the white colored pencil to color over the blended areas (like the girl's hair in my drawing). It really helps blend the two colors together.

I needed a frame for this little doodle, so I found one of the old empty frames from our wedding faux-to booth props. We picked up four or five of them from the rejected section at Hobby Lobby before the wedding, and they've been floating around our house ever since. 
I used one to make this DIY burlap art...

For this piece, I followed a similar process as the burlap art. I hot-glued this strange, quirky burlap paper (purchased in the wrapping paper section at Anthropologie) to the back of the frame to provide a backdrop for my sketch. 

Then I grabbed one of the tiny photo clips from Ikea and poked it through the paper. Clipped my artwork to it and voƮla, it was framed!

I've got this cute little piece leaning up against our fireplace for now until I find a home for it.

What about you- do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

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