2012 Home Goals!

The husband and I really like setting goals. Maybe it's our athletic backgrounds– our coaches were always big on setting goals for our performance. For us, these aren't really resolutions. These are actual goals, things we want to accomplish, that we can strive for in our next year of home ownership.

They have to be practical and realistic in order to make them a good goal. "Sell the house above asking price and buy a 4,000 square foot fixer upper in our dream neighborhood" is not a reasonable goal, you know? Spray paint the brass hinges in the house? Reasonable.

So, without further ado, here are some of the home goals we have agreed on for 2012:

Finish the giant flooring project. More than a year ago, we replaced the floors in our living room. The carpet was ripped out and replaced with a resilient vinyl flooring from Lumber Liquidators. That was the very beginning of the giant flooring project. Over the past year, we have replaced the flooring in almost our entire house. We did the kitchen. We did the dining room and then we did the office. Next, the master bedroom, then the master closet, followed by the first guest bedroom. The hallway was finished, and the bathrooms were tiled. We installed it all ourselves, so we had to take breaks in between. There is only so much floor installation our knees can take at a time!

There is one room that still has the yucky carpet we inherited– the grey guest bedroom. In 2012, this carpet will be replaced and the room will look SO much better! Yes, my husband's shoes match his room. Yes, he has his own "dressing room" because we don't share closets. :)

2. Add Some Pretty to the Patio.  I LOVE our new patio. I thought it was perfect. It is perfect for us, really.  But then I bought these awesome greek key columns at the flea market, and they made me dream about how we could make the patio even better! See, I want to place them on the outer corners of the patio so that I can create an outdoor room. I have visions of a wire system that allows me to string outdoor curtains and twinkly lights. What, you can't see my vision?!

Anyway, it's going to be cool! I have complete faith that Mr. Homebody will figure out how to do it and make my dream a reality. He's good at that stuff.

3. Paint the rest of the interior. We hired painters this fall to take care of the walls and trim in the main living areas of the house, including the living room, dining room, kitchen, office and main hallway. Hiring that job out = best. decision. ever. It looked SO good and so much better than we would have done if we tried to tackle it ourselves. We got a bargain price from our painters, so we plan to hire them again to tackle the bedrooms and bathrooms once we have some spare cash lying around. The almond/beige trim that remains in the bedrooms is absolutely painful to see next to the new, bright white trim. At the very least we will ask them to paint all of the trim in our bedrooms and bathrooms so that the entire house has the same color.

4. Brighten up the place with more light. I'm big on bright and airy spaces, and our 1979 home could use some help in this area. Previous owners installed pot lights in several rooms throughout the house, but some rooms are strangely dark. I'm super excited to hire an electrician to add more lighting. I want overhead lighting in the following areas, but the hallway is definitely the most important. It's so dark!

Overhead light in the front entry area, in front of the mirror:

Lights down the hallway:

My mom gave me some crystal wall sconces that I'd love to use in our master bedroom, but we don't have the wiring for them at the moment. Can you picture them on either side of the TV?

Special added bonus for 2012 would be under-cabinet lighting on this side of our kitchen:

The other side of the kitchen came equipped with lighting, and it makes a huge difference when cooking at night:

5. Save Money. Is this a home project? Well, kind of... We're hoping to be major savers in 2012 so we can build up a really comforting emergency fund. Air conditioner breaks? No problem, we have plenty of money in savings for that! Tree falls on the house? Good thing we have some money tucked away! Major dental emergency? Just tap into our emergency fund. We need a new car? Got it covered!

We were able to save some funds in 2012, but the majority of our extra cash went toward renovating the house (and our Italy dream vacation). Of course we don't regret one penny that we spent on our home, but we want to tackle smaller projects in 2012 so we can put more money away for a rainy day. We did most of the major things we wanted to do last year, so this year should be about the smaller details. We hope, at least. It can be hard for us to resist working on the house when we get in the renovating mood, but we're trying to be disciplined!

Luckily we have some friends who bought fixer-uppers recently– we're hoping they let us help them with the projects. That should keep us satisfied! :)


I am really, really excited about 2012.  I'm so grateful to everyone who takes the time to read this humble little blog. Your support and enthusiasm is so encouraging! I can't thank you enough, really.


Thank you.

* Bring it, 2012. *
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