Randoms: Holiday Cheer

Hi everyone!

Bleh, do I feel sick! I've got some yucky virus that's all sore throat and sinus problems, leaving me a little short on holiday cheer right now. That being said, Christmas doesn't wait for sick people. Presents must be purchased! I dragged myself out of the house last night to pick up some gifts and visit the Anthropologie sale.

True story: I was at the Anthropologie in Southlake (which is a wealthy, ritzy suburb of DFW), when I reached into my purse to pull out some toilet paper. At this point I was out of tissues and had turned to toilet paper instead, carrying a roll with me everywhere. I was pulling the TP out of my purse with my really sad-looking face (to say that my face is red and raw doesn't begin to describe it) when I locked eyes with a nice fellow shopper. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "Sorry..." and she said, "You poor little thing!" She had the most pitying look on her face. I don't know why, but it was really embarrassing to find myself makeup-less, desperately clutching toilet paper inside of the Anthropologie at Southlake Town Square. A humbling moment, for sure.

Anyway, back to the Anthropologie sale! If you are an Anthropologie fan, you must visit your local store or go to the website. They are having an additional 50% off clearance, which brings the prices down to TJ Maxx or Target level. Woot woot! I walked out with four cute tops and a 2012 calendar, and I was pretty pumped about it. My local store had a way better selection than the website, so you may want to pay yours a visit. I don't normally buy Anthro stuff because it's so expensive, but this sale brings it down to my frugal level!

I picked up this shirt in black for only $20. It's so comfortable and flattering!


There are some real deals to be had in their home section, too. This beautiful velvet quilt (stunning in person) can be yours for only $90 for the twin or $112 for the king.


I also love these curtains, on sale for $50. How cute would these be in a nursery or child's room? (Or my room, for that matter! I love polka dots.)


This sale is going until Dec. 31, and they're also offering 50% off holiday decor and gift wrap.

What else is cheering me up while I sniffle and cough all day? Online window shopping, of course. It's very easy to do from my perch on the couch.

In addition to the great Anthropologie deals, there is a lot of cute jewelry in the Kate Spade sale section. My best friend got me a black and gold Kate Spade bangle for Christmas! It even has a cute little bow on it. It's awesome. Check out this curling ribbon ring, on sale for $46. I love how Kate Spade's stuff doesn't take itself too seriously.

Kate Spade

These natural-color monogrammable dish towels from West Elm are on sale for $6.40 when you use the 20% off discount (SAVESAVE). I think it'd be a really nice gift. The grey ones are on sale for $8.

West Elm

Things have really calmed down for us this week, thankfully. If I had gotten sick last week when I had so many deadlines, I would have been in trouble!

So, do you have big holiday plans?

We are headed to my parents' house in Brownwood late Christmas day, and then we're trouping over to the mega outlets in San Marcos for some post-Christmas deals. Last year we came home with some great shelves and a desk from the Pottery Barn outlet. Braving the shopping madness has become a little annual tradition for us... My mom and I are warrior shoppers. I just hope I've got this virus beat by then so I can be at full power!

On the 28th we're headed to El Paso to spend time with Scott's family and to see my brother and his wife. I'm definitely looking forward to that! The 8-hour drive will probably be a big adventure with four people, four dogs and a lot of luggage. We'll see how that goes!

Now, a burning question... Do you have a traditional meal that you make for Christmas or Christmas Eve dinner? I'm trying to come up with ideas for a meal I can whip up (easily) that could become a yearly tradition. Right now I'm leaning toward enchiladas since those are my husband's favorite, but I'm open to any and all ideas. Let me know in the comments if you have any great easy recipes!

* Safe travels! *
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