Opportunistic Shopping

First of all, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I started to feel better on Christmas Eve, thankfully. I'm pretty sure my husband was extremely relieved to have me back in business so we could properly enjoy the holiday. Poor guy had been taking care of me all week, and that's no fun.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our own house before packing up the car and heading to my parents' house, which is about three hours from Dallas. We've been here a couple days and will begin a Griswold-like adventure tomorrow when we pack the car with four people, four dogs, lots of luggage and presents. We're headed to El Paso to visit Scott's family and my brother and his wife. Forgive me for not blogging regularly this week!

For the second year in a row, we decided to make the trek over to San Marcos for the post-Christmas sale on Dec. 26. It's always a madhouse, but we can't resist the lure of a good deal!

The first store we always visit is the Pottery Barn outlet. We've gotten a couple of great things there in the past, and my parents have scored some amazing bargains there.

We ended up walking out with a brand new dining table! This beautiful Montego straight leg dining table was an amazing bargain. Originally priced at $1,699, we bought it for $220. That's about 87% off! They don't carry it on the Pottery Barn website anymore, so I guess they are trying to get rid of the extras. The manager told us that they were shipped a ton of them for Black Friday, and these were the leftovers from that sale.

It's a really simple, classic table that we hope to keep for a really long time. It has two extensions that allow it to sit up to 10 people, which we think is pretty awesome. It is SO heavy. Now there is a massive box in our truck that weighs about a million lbs. We have no idea how we'll be able to unload it once we get it home, but I'm sure we'll figure it out!

Did we plan to buy a new dining table yesterday? Nope. My mom gave me a dining table during my sophomore year of college, so I've had it for at least six years now. It's been painted tons of different colors and has started to wobble a bit. Still, we weren't planning on replacing it anytime soon.

However, we are definitely opportunistic shoppers. I prefer to shop without an urgent need so that I'm not forced to pay full price for something or buy something that I don't really love. When we had the opportunity to buy a really nice quality dining table in a classic form that wouldn't go out of style, we had to jump on it.

We weren't done with our completely random purchases. The husband spotted these huge outdoor umbrellas that were heavily discounted and immediately thought we needed one for our patio. They were down from $349 to $31, so we bought one big one and one smaller one. More opportunistic shopping!

Pottery Barn

Did you join the frenzy of the day-after-Christmas sales? The outlet mall was OVERWHELMED with people and crowds. What bad economy? It seemed like everyone was out shopping!

My parents have recently completed a big renovation on their house in which they knocked down a wall and expanded their house onto what used to be the patio. It's pretty impressive and I hope to have a blog post to share with you about it tomorrow. My mom is an excellent decorator and their house is always beautiful. I shared their New Jersey cottage last year if you want to check it out. It was so cute that it sold for full asking price in its first day on the market!

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