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One of the cutest Christmas party ideas I've heard in awhile is called the "Favorite Things" party. The idea is to gather a small group of friends or family for a party, and everyone brings enough of their favorite thing to give one to each person. So if there are going to be 6 people at the party, you'd have to bring 5 of your favorite thing. You'd want to keep the price low– maybe set the limit at $5 or $10?

Everyone explains why this item is their favorite thing, and you hand them out to the group. Fun, right? I would love to see what my friends would bring to this party!

Anyway, I read all about it on one of my favorite blogs, The Nester. In honor of the great time they had at their party, she's hosting a blog party where we link up our favorite things. I thought it would be fun to think about what my favorite things are, so I'm joining the fun!

Disclaimer: This list is completely about stuff... If I were to get sentimental, I would say my favorite things are my faith, my husband, my family, my puppies, my friends... you get the point. But I'm looking at this as if I were to attend a party with a gift for everyone else, so let's focus on *stuff* we can buy!

Jordan's Favorite Things

Softlips Lip Protectant $2.99

I always have this in my purse. It makes my lips smooth and silky, and it has SPF 20. It's interesting how many lip products don't have SPF. My husband even likes it because it has no color so when he forgets his chapstick, he can use mine.


Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin $6.49

This spin pin holds my straight, fine hair in a bun all day long. It's perfect for days when I don't feel like doing my hair for work but want to look more polished than my usual messy ponytail.


Yankee Candle Car Vent Sticks $4.99

I like my car to smell less like my dogs and more like something pleasant, like fresh laundry. These car sticks are awesome. I pick mine up at the local Cracker Barrel, and my favorite scent for the car is Clean Cotton. My husband goes with Leather, which has much more masculine smell, for his car.

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Chai Tea Latte Products

I'm going to group these together because I love both of them. You can find them both at Walmart. The Tazo product just has to be mixed with equal parts milk to get something remarkably like the Starbucks chai teas, and the Bolthouse product is much heavier and more "protein-shake" like. I tend to have one or two sips of it in the morning or when I'm really hungry, to take the edge off. There is something about chai tea that I just love!



A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers  $9.57

Francine Rivers is my favorite Christian author, and this is one of my favorite books. I highly recommend it, along with her most popular book, Redeeming Love.


Long Workout Pants from Target- Champion Brand
I'm busting the $10 budget with these $20 pants, but I had to mention them. The C9 by Champion pants at Target come in long lengths, which is amazing. I have both the fitted and semi-fitted pairs, and I wear them all the time. The semi-fitted pair are my go-to pants when I'm coaching volleyball because they are somewhat loose by not the least bit frumpy. Got to love that price point, too! Honestly, some stores have no idea how to pose/style models in activewear. They have a tendency to make them look awkward and frumpy, not fit and cool. Target, look at some Nike ads and get an idea what we want our clothing models to look like when they wear your stuff!


If I were going to go with (slightly) more expensive items, here are a few of my favorites:

• Nine West boots... I have a lot of Nine West shoes and really like them.
• (Plain) T-shirts from Victorias Secret Pink
• My Nook (I'm sure I'd be equally in love with a Kindle, but I have a Nook.)
• Cardigans from the Target sale rack!
• Cheap, trendy jewelry from Forever 21
• Aveda hair salons
• Skinny Girl Margarita & Sangria
• Lola by Marc Jacobs perfume
• Ralph Lauren sheets (via HomeGoods, of course)
• Anything mercury glass

I'm linking up with the Nester's Favorite Things party.

I have one last favorite thing....

* Friday! Happy Weekend! *

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  1. LOVE your list (and your disclaimer!) :) Can you believe I've never read Francine Rivers?!? I've decided she is NEXT on my reading list :)

    You have a beautiful blog! I'm your newest follower :)
    So nice to 'meet' you today! I blog at "Only A Breath" and would love for you to stop by and visit :)


  2. Oooh I love Francine Rivers! Great choice! Also loving those Target pants, I have discovered the loveliness of yoga style pants and now I want to never wear jeans again. :) Glad I found your blog!

  3. The spin pin looks so cool~putting it on my list to check out! Merry Christmas :)

  4. Love Francine Rivers.. the Mark of the Lion series is my all time favorite!! Amazing.

    I have got to look for those pins! I love little bits of happiness that make life, or at least hair styling, easier!

    If you love Chai tea/latte... you must order David Rio Tiger Spice Chai. Mix w/ milk, add whip & drizzle caramel. Divine. He also carries sugar free and Vanilla spice. The most amazing chai ever.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I've been thinking about getting some kind of scented thing for my car, but didn't want anything to overpowering. I'm going to give those a try. Also, loving those exercise pants from Target, definitely going to try those on!

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