Classic Red and White Christmas Mantel

A few weeks ago, we gave our 1970s fireplace a major makeover. That lovely makeover was spurred by the fact that I really wanted to hang our Christmas stockings on a nice, new(ish) fireplace. Let me tell you, it's amazing how much more fun the mantel was to decorate this year after the fireplace facelift!

Inspired by our classic red and white stockings, I decided to stick with a simple red and white color scheme, with touches of sparkle.

Yes, we have stockings for our puppies. What can we say, we love them!

If you follow my blog and saw my green and sparkly tablescape, you may recognize a lot of the same items here on our fireplace. Isn't it cool how different the same items can look when they are arranged in new ways?

The sparkle starts with the glittered pinecones on the mantel and extends across with the small mercury glass votive holders. Then it heads upward to the glittered "BELIEVE" that I crafted above the mantel and then down to the hearth with the mercury glass vase and the sparkly berry branches. I feel like there is a good amount of glittery items that makes the whole arrangement feel balanced. 

It's been cold here lately, so we've been having a lot of fires to heat up our living room. It's so COZY! I snapped these photos with my phone the other night when the fire was going. 

I absolutely love the way those mercury glass votive holders give off light when the candles are lit. Totally charming...
In case you're wondering, here's where I got the goods:

Stockings: Pottery Barn (wait for the free monogramming and free shipping sale!)
Snowflake ornaments: Target (2010)
Glittered pinecones:  Hobby Lobby
Mercury glass votives: Target ($1/each)
Manzanita branch: HomeGoods
Glitter berry branches: Hobby Lobby
Red flowers: Pier 1
Glittered letters (BELIEVE): DIY with Hobby Lobby letters and Martha Stewart Smoky Quartz Glitter

Do you have your Christmas decor up yet? I'm still bummed that we haven't gotten our outdoor lights up yet, but the weather and our schedules have not been coordinating. What it is about the holidays that just makes every week between Thanksgiving and Christmas SO busy?!

* Time to start wrapping presents... *

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