Traveling Abroad– Got Any Tips?

This Saturday, the husband and I are leaving on a jet plane to...


Nope, it still hasn't hit us yet. We really want to do as much traveling as we can before we hit the baby stage of our life, and Italy was tops on my list. I even blogged about our Italy dreams back in the summer.

Our two jobs limit us to planning big trips during two times of the year: the holidays and July. We had planned to save and save to make this trip next summer, but then I realized it was way cheaper to travel during the offseason. So much more affordable, actually, that we could afford to go this holiday season!

Anyway, we're spending two nights each in Rome, Florence and Venice. 

First stop, Rome. 


I'm sure two days won't be enough for Rome, but it's all we've got. We can sleep when we're dead, right?! We're definitely going to have to go to the Colosseum, the Vatican, St. Peter's...

For those of you that have been, do you have any suggestions for Rome? Places to see, good restaurants, etc? We'd love any and all advice you can give us!

Next stop, Florence. I'm hoping to dedicate one day to the city and then spend another day outside the city, preferably touring a really neat villa or castle or something. Who knows? We're not ones to schedule ourselves to death because we just like to relax and explore. 


I'd love to stumble upon this view while we're in Tuscany!

Last stop, Venice. I'm pretty excited about this one. It's one of those places I have always wanted to go!



We have never taken a trip of this magnitude before, and we are both excited and nervous. It can be a little nerve wracking to leave your comfort zone, but we are looking forward to having a little Italian adventure. 

I've been reading up on international travel and am stockpiling some good information. That being said, I would love to have more insider info or tips. If you have been to any of these cities or have any advice for traveling internationally, please share your thoughts in the comments section! We'd love to know what your favorite sites were, what food you enjoyed the most and what you would (and wouldn't) do again. 

Meanwhile, I guess I should start thinking about what I'm going to pack and how we're going to entertain ourselves for those really, really long flights!

* Viva Italia! *

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