Last weekend, we finished our fireplace facelift. One of the main reasons I wanted to get that done is because I really wanted to start decorating for Christmas, which meant I wanted to hang our stockings!

Before you judge me for decorating in mid-November, please consider that we are going out of town for the next two weekends. When we get back from our trip, it will practically be December! We're bypassing the Thanksgiving holiday by traveling overseas, so we figured we may as well fast-forward to Christmas. Besides, I love Christmas decorations so I don't mind extending their use. :)

Anyway, here's a quick cell phone shot of the stockings on the new-and-improved fireplace. I love how the white brick lets the colors really pop!


Stockings: Pottery Barn (They should be having their free monogramming and free shipping sale soon, which is when I bought these. Yes, we have stockings for our dogs.)

Fireplace Screen and Tools: Lowe's

Mercury Glass Vase: HomeGoods (just last week)

Manzanita Branch: HomeGoods

Red Faux Amarylis Flowers: Pier One (post-Christmas sale last year)

Sparkly Pine Cones: Hobby Lobby (just last week)

Snowflake Ornaments: Target (last Christmas)

Have you started decorating yet? If not, when do you start pulling the holiday decorations out?

You know what's awesome– completely forgetting that you bought a bunch of cool holiday stuff at the post-Christmas sales and then getting really excited when you pull out your Christmas boxes with brand new stuff!

You know what else is awesome? When your husband surprises you with the Michael Buble Christmas CD!

* Let the holidays begin! *
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