Pinterest Challenge II: DIY Painted Glass Flower Bowl

It turns out that it is very hard to take good pictures of a clear object when you don't have professional photography skills. Who knew?!

Anyway, I found a glass flower bowl at our local thrift store last night and was immediately inspired to create a gold version of this:

This rose bowl from Kate Spade costs $150. My bowl was $1 at the thrift store.  Using the same technique that I used for the dishes I painted earlier this week, I used my Q-tip to dab blobs of gold ceramic paint onto the bowl.

Now, this is where I realized it's hard to take a picture of something that is clear, but hopefully you can get the drift. It's really cute in person, I promise!

What's all that junk in the background? It's some awesome sparkly stuff I'm collecting for the holiday tablescapes event at my church. I've volunteered to decorate a table, and I plan to use champagne and gold color scheme with touches of pear green. I have a collection of pears going that I started a long time ago, and they will be the main element of the tablescape. All of my goods are starting to gather on the buffet table in the dining room. So sorry for the poor photography... this was some late-night crafting.

Here's the bowl from above, in case that helps you see it better. 

I'm definitely planning to fill it with beautiful flowers as part of my tablescape idea, and it may live on my buffet during the holiday season. I'm sure I'll get enough use out of it to make it worth its whopping $1 price tag.  :)

So, what are you up to this weekend? The hubs has his last football game tonight (sadly, we didn't make the playoffs), and tomorrow I'm off to Canton, TX, to meet a friend at this legendary East Texas flea market.  Who knows what fun loot I may find? I'll be on the hunt for one-of-a-kind items and Christmas presents! We've got my friend's birthday party on Saturday night, and then we're going to the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday. Busy weekend for us! 

Do you have any fun plans?

* Happy Friday*

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