Pinterest Challenge: DIY Kate Spade-Inspired China

It's time for Round 2 of the Pinterest Challenge! (Round One happened way back in August.)

This blog party was hosted by Young House LoveBower Power, Ana White and House of Earnest. Head on over to those blogs to see the tons of projects that have been linked up!

The goal of the challenge was to actually make something based on something you have pinned. Stop pinning, start doing!

My project for the Pinterest challenge was actually inspired by three different pins:

 #2 Gold Polka Dot Coasters from Kate Spade (no longer available)

 Based on those three inspirations (and using supplies I already had– can you say f-r-e-e?), this is what I came up with!

I have this random set of white dishes that I inherited from one of my college roommates. It comes complete with a big plate, small plate, bowl and coffee mug. I have no other dishes that match this set, so I figured it was the perfect thing to experiment with. 

And here are my supplies: a paper plate, some q-tips and gold enamel craft paint (meant for painting on glass and ceramic)

I started with the bowl. Dip the q-tip in the gold paint and dab it on the bowl– it's as simple as that! I chose an organic design so that I wouldn't have to be perfect, but you could do whatever you wanted. They also sell these paints in paint-pen form, which would be easier to control. I'm planning to try those eventually, but I just went with this gold paint since I already had it at the house. 
Hmm... Is that a vintage Pottery Barn logo? Weird, I had no idea these plates were from there. Lucky me!

Then I moved on to the small plate. I used the mug to create a circle form in the middle.

Next, the big plate. I decided to keep it simple with this one. 

Lastly, the cute little coffee cup. 

This is what the group looked like before they got placed in the oven. The instructions on my paint say to let them air dry for an hour and then bake them in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes. Obviously, you'll want to make sure you use dishware or materials than can survive being baked in the oven. 

I let them cool inside the oven and then pulled them out to see the finished product. Honestly, I'm thrilled! I'm such a polka-dot addict, and these dishes make me smile. What do you think?

I like how they are festive enough for the upcoming holidays but still aren't those dishes that can only be used at Christmas dinner. I feel like we definitely accomplished the Kate Spade look without spending any money, which is certainly a bonus. 

Hooray for the Pinterest Challenge! Have you made anything that was inspired by Pinterest lately? Feel free to put your link in the comments section because I would love to see your work!

* Just keeping pinning, pinning, pinning *

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