My Flea Market Treasure

What did I bring home from the GIGANTIC flea market on Saturday?

Surprisingly, not much. I was so proud of my restraint!

I did come home with two 7 ft. wrought iron posts. I saw them in a junk pile and immediately fell in love with the greek key pattern.

The seller originally wanted $60/each because "that pattern is pretty hard to find." I believed him because I haven't seen a lot of wrought iron work in that pattern. He had many more random wrought iron posts, but most had floral or scrolling designs and didn't come in pairs. I tried to get the seller down to $85 for the pair, but in the end we settled at $95. 

I didn't want to make an impulse purchase, so I walked around the flea market for another couple of hours before I committed to buying them. I was still thinking about them and how cool they might be at our house, so I found my way back to his booth (not an easy task in that maze!) and made the purchase!

So what do I plan to do with these big heavy posts? My hope is to use them to frame out our patio. The husband has always wanted a pergola, but I didn't want to close in the space above the patio. My hope is to use these two posts on the outside corners of the patio and run some sort of heavy-duty wire around the top so that I can string patio lights above and around the patio for ambient lighting.

Here they are, sitting on the edges of the patio that has been made very dirty by two mischievous puppies with very muddy paws:

From this angle you can see how the patio is up against the house:

My hope is to use the two posts and then anchor into the house for the other two corners. I'd love to string the wire in a square so that I still have open sky looking down on us, but I can use the wire frame to string more lights or even curtains– whatever I feel like!

I know it can work, but I don't know exactly how it will end up working. We have a free weekend (!!!!) coming up now that football season is over, so I'm hoping we can fiddle around with this idea. The husband has to figure out how we are going to anchor the new posts into the ground and how to engineer my lighting idea. I have full faith that he will figure it out– he always does!

Here are some dreamy patio scenes from Pinterest to inspire us as we work:



* Have a great Wednesday! *

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