I Can't Believe I Missed it!!!

My blogiversary, that is.

I even set a reminder on my Outlook calendar! And yet here I am, nine days late in noticing that my blog had its first birthday. I'm so disappointed in myself.

This is as lame as a belated birthday card, and yet a belated birthday card is still better than nothing. So, here it is: Happy Blogiversary to me!

A year ago, I was bored and uninspired. I hadn't flexed my creative muscle in a long time, except for when I got to work on our new house. How did I solve this problem? I started this blog!

I honestly love blogging for many reasons, but the most important one is that it encourages me to stop thinking about doing stuff and to actually start doing it!

And I have to say, The Happy Homebodies have done a lot in a year. Luckily for me, my husband is a hard worker who likes working on our home as much as I do, and is patient when I get all "artsy fartsy" and spread my paints all over the dining room table. He's awesome.

Just a year ago, he was hugging the grill that came with our new home...

And then we started working

First big project? Brand new cedar fence custom built by the hubby.

Next?  We tore up the carpet in the living room and put down faux hardwood awesomeness

Our bathrooms were in really sorry shape, so we tackled the one in the master bedroom first. We removed a bulkhead, fixed a broken shower drain, retiled the floor and walls, replaced the vanity and added a glass shower wall. It looked much better than the "before," let me tell you! Sorry about the lame photos... I was new to blogging and didn't understand how important those are!

In between those two things, we took the guest room from hot pink and glittery to grey, yellow and manly.

What was it that really got my crafty juices flowing? The holidays, of course! It was our first Christmas as a married couple in our first home, and we wanted to decorate the heck out of it. I crafted to my heart's content, and I discovered the joy of Mod Podge.

The holiday break was the perfect time for our next really big project– a budget-friendly kitchen reno! We painted cabinets, added a backsplash, replaced the appliances and countertops, and then we put down a new floor. The house was instantly so much better. It's amazing what a difference a new(ish) kitchen makes!

Somewhere along the way, I discovered my favorite 5-minute craft, the DIY wall flower.

I even added some to the living room...

The weather started warming up, and we realized that our backyard left a lot to be desired. Our dogs had really destroyed the grass since we moved in. Enter: a new patio! We built it in just one (tiring) day over Easter weekend!

We kept the momentum going with some rock-scaping...

We continued working on the patio, and then we were financially ready for our next big project– the guest bathroom. The hubs really outdid himself on this one, even learning how to install a new bathtub! I was so impressed because he did most of it while I was out of town for business. 

I got a little jealous that Scott's bathroom was so snazzy, so I added some pizazz to my space with a little splash of HOT pink

The hubs went back to work in August (he's a football coach/teacher), so I tackled this next project all by myself– a closet makeover! I whitewashed the cedar walls in my closet and crafted a DIY crystal chandelier, taking my closet from a dark wooden cave to a bright, girly retreat. 

By this point, we had replaced the flooring in the living room, dining room and kitchen. Then we moved into the studio, hallway and master bedroom.  I tackled one of the last remaining carpeted rooms when I did a guest room makeover. 

Soon after that, we actually paid someone else (imagine that!) to paint our interior walls. We had learned over the course of that first year that we REALLY don't like painting walls and trim. We're not very good at it, either. Of course, the professionals did a great job. The grey paint and white trim really pops!

Of course, we did a lot of other small things along the way, but those are the major highlights. What a year! Thank you, blog, for giving me the motivation I needed to tackle all of the home projects that need to be done. 

THANK YOU to the lovely people out there who read my humble blog. I truly hope you enjoy it and have gotten some useful information from our experiences. It completely makes my day to hear from you and always reminds me why blogging is so awesome– you never know who is reading! 

I think I'll make some celebratory blogiversary cupcakes for the guy who turns my thoughts and ideas into actual finished projects, Mr. Happy Homebody. He never rarely complains when I spontaneously want to paint something or buy a new throw pillow. He's awesome. 

Ha! He's going to love that I used this picture...

Here's to another year of ripping stuff out and trying new stuff!

* Happy First Birthday, bloggy-blog. *

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