Adventures in Flea Marketing

This weekend I visited the flea market of all flea markets. I've been hearing about this thing from my friends for awhile, and it didn't disappoint!

Canton First Monday Trade Days is a gigantic flea market with more than 100 acres of shopping. Let me tell you, it goes on and on and on! We were there for almost seven hours and didn't even see half of it! It happens the first weekend of every month in tiny Canton, Texas. Canton's normal population: 5,000. Canton's population the first weekend of each month: more than 200,000!

When my friend Amanda moved from DFW to Longview, Texas, this summer, we made plans to meet in the middle at the Canton flea market one weekend. She assured me that I would LOVE it because she knows how much I love a good treasure hunt. Well, she was right!

Of course, I snapped some pictures with my iPhone along the way.

First, my flea marketing partner in crime:

The holiday season brought out some serious crowds. The place was p-a-c-k-e-d. We waited in line for 30 minutes to get our delicious corn dogs for lunch. The other lines were up to an hour wait!

Shopping, shopping, shopping... What was hot at this Texas flea market? All things burlap, animal knitted beanies for kids, wrought irons signs, Christmas decor, reclaimed vintage and cowboy boots. 

I liked the tassels strung from this garland:

And I loved the shape of the moravian stars I saw in a couple of booths:

I got more excited when the booths looked junky, because I figured they would give me a better deal. (Not that I didn't appreciate the booths that were set up beautifully– but I was searching for a bargain!)

Things I learned at the Canton Trade Days: 
1. Bring a cart (or rolling suitcase, or something to hold the stuff you buy). Walking many miles back to your car with a heavy purchase isn't an appealing option!

2. Bring cash or check. Many vendors do take credit cards, but many who offer the best deals will only take cash or check. The lines for the ATM are really long, so think ahead!

3. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking ALL day. My legs felt as tired as they did when I walked all around NYC a couple of years ago. 

I came close to buying many things (cowboy boots, a moravian star, vintage ice skates, homemade soup), but in the end I only made a few purchases, and two of them were makeup-related. 

My big purchase for the house is pictured in one of the photos above– can you guess what it is?

I'll show you pictures of it tomorrow and explain how we hope to use it at the house. 

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