Staining Concrete Floors

Our friends bought their first home over the weekend in San Antonio! They have offered on a couple of other houses this fall and missed out, so I was extremely happy for them. She sent me the online listing with pictures, and the house is completely adorable. The backyard is especially fantastic.

The house has some carpet they want to remove, and they are thinking about staining the concrete floors underneath. She suggested that it might make a good blog topic, and (obviously) I agree. This one is for you, Choi!

The husband and I actually looked into this option when we were ripping up the carpet in our house. We were going to do painted concrete floors instead of stained, but our concrete was in really poor condition. Once we tried some of the paint on our floors and saw how it looked with the nail holes, cracks, etc., we gave up on that idea and went with resilient vinyl.

Nonetheless, I absolutely love the look of stained concrete. It's stylish and affordable and low maintenance. Who doesn't love that? Plus our friends have two large goldendoodle puppies, so this will be a durable option for them.

A quick Pinterest search turned up some really pretty variations on concrete floors:



They even have concrete that can be stained to look like wood!


There are a lot of companies out there who will come and stain your concrete floors in whatever finish you choose. Our friends are hoping to DIY their floors, so that's what I am going to focus on today.

First of all, it was my favorite bloggers over at Young House Love who originally inspired us to try the painted concrete floors. They used this technique in the sun room of their first home. You can read all about how they did it HERE.

Young House Love

Painted concrete floors have an opaque finish, so they give a completely different look than stained concrete. I think this option might be best for those that have existing hardwood floors in other rooms and want the concrete floors to flow visually from room to room. Or maybe you uncovered old concrete floors like ours that had random paint stains and other flaws that wouldn't look so cute with a transparent stain on top, so you would want an opaque finish. Either way, this is an option to consider.

A quick Google search shows a lot of tutorials for staining concrete floors:

Did you read all of this and suddenly feel like paying a professional to come do it for you? You can find contractors across North America through the Concrete Network's website. Click HERE.  I was able to find eight companies for our friends in San Antonio who can do work like this:

Custom Concrete Solutions

Riverbed Concrete

That circle pattern is pretty cool!

If they end up using this option, I'll make sure they take pictures so I can share their work on the blog!

* Happy Halloween *

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