Scene It: State Fair of Texas

I've lived in Dallas for almost four years now, and I had never been to the State Fair until this weekend. Everyone talks about it, and I know it's a giant event– but it's hard for our football family to break away and find time to go to the fair during the season.

We knew the fair was closing on Oct. 23, so we made a point to actually go this past Saturday. I think we can thank my best friend for that– the fact that she just moved here made us really want to take her to the event. I'm glad we went– it was pretty fun!

The State Fair is all about the food. We decided to spend all of our money on food (which was NOT cheap) and pig out on some of the weird fried creations. Three corny dogs, one Shiner Bock, one margarita, one lemonade, two bottles of water, one buffalo-jalapeno chicken/flapjack on a stick, one fried pizza stick and one funnel cake later, we were FULL.

Big Tex!

The iconic ferris wheel

Corny dogs! Yum!

Funnel cake!


We tried the buffalo chicken in a flapjack- not bad!

I used a bunch of different filters in Instagram to create the photo effects. If you don't have the Instagram app, download it! It's f-r-e-e!

* Just another Texas Tuesday *

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