Sampling some Grey Paints

Tonight we have a painter coming by to give us an estimate on how much it would take to paint our main living areas (living room, dining room, office and hallway). I'm really hoping he gives us a decent price so that we can splurge and have someone else do it for us, for once!

We would normally totally tackle this ourselves, but this first year of home ownership has taught the husband and me that we do not enjoy painting. Of course, I'm artsy fartsy and I paint all the time, but painting canvases and using watercolors to make something pretty is completely different from slapping paint on the wall and making sure not to drip on the floors or trim. One is fun and one is not!

I can picture my dad shaking his head as I type this. Dad, if you're reading right now– I know you can't imagine paying someone to paint your house. Yes, I remember helping you paint the exterior of our house in high school– and no, it wasn't fun! I promise we will only pay someone else to paint our rooms if he gives us a great deal, ok?

Last week I asked for your help to decide which color to go with for our walls, and light grey won out. I was leaning that way anyway, so I'm glad you guys agreed!

Scott is really excited about having the house painted, so he went to get some paint samples at Home Depot yesterday while he was off school for Columbus Day. We did some paint communication via iPhone (thank goodness for camera phones) and came home with three options.

Behold, the lovely options:

It was overcast outside when I took these pictures, but this is basically our normal light situation– no photo editing here. It's a pretty dark room with limited lighting, which is why we want a lighter color on the walls. And don't you love that awesome texture on our walls? That was all the rage in 1979!

 We painted the three swatches in three different places– by the fireplace, in the dining room and on the wall by the front windows. Those places all have different lighting, so we thought it would be good to look at the colors from all angles.

For me, there was a clear winner from the second they hit the wall. The second one was too white, and the third one was too blah. The first one was just right. Husband and roommate agreed– the unanimous winner was Heavy Goose by Martha Stewart. Bonus points because of the name Heavy Goose!

Home Depot

I feel slightly comforted that it's a color by Martha Stewart. Martha wouldn't lead us astray, right? It's bound to look good!

A quick Google search found another space using this color, which looked really nice:

Apartment Therapy

But then I saw this blog post who said the color turned out looking like light blue– hmm... definitely not what I'm going for! Maybe Heavy Goose is not the clear winner?

So it turns out that choosing the perfect shade of grey is not easy. Now I'm undecided on my "unanimous" selection. When you're painting as much house as we plan to, it better be a good color!

It seems like a lot of people are fans of the Benjamin Moore greys, so I may have to get some of those swatches and test them out. Maybe one of these?

Do you have a grey you've used in your home that you love? I'd love to hear about it!

So I guess it turns out that we have decided on a grey, but haven't decided on which grey. Meanwhile, let's hope this painter gives us a good price so we can actually move forward with this project!

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