Let's Go Shopping

I have shopping routines, whether it is for clothing or home decor. The most important part of my routine is to sprint to the sale section first thing!

Sorry, full priced stuff– I don't care about you! Give me a red clearance tag!

No only do I follow this philosophy while shopping at my favorite stores, but I also do this when I shop online. There are many stores I love (I'm looking at you, Anthropologie) in which the sale section is the only part I can afford. Ok, maybe that's not accurate. I probably could pay full price, but I never do it. It's completely against my nature to pay $100 for a t-shirt, no matter how soft and awesome it is. Must.Be.On.Sale!

Every Tuesday, I check the sale section at Anthropologie's website. I've noticed they usually have "Fresh Picks" on Tuesday, so it's become part of my Tuesday lunch break routine to see if they have anything great. Yesterday I noticed they are offering an additional 25% off sale clothing (just clothing, not home decor, shoes or accessories). Here are the cute things I have my eye on:

Pinched Tunic, $15 with discount

Now, $15 for a soft, long, interesting t-shirt is more like it. I can picture a great weekend outfit with skinny jeans and a boyfriend blazer.

These boots don't qualify for the extra 25% off, but paying $60 for Anthropologie boots is quite a bargain. I love this grey/taupe color, and the reviews say that the tassle and buckle can be removed if you don't like that part. That's another thing I like about Anthropologie's site- thorough reviews!

Boots, $59.95

Let's check out the sale sections at my favorite home decor sites, shall we? First up, Pottery Barn's clearance section.

I'm digging these stencil house numbers ($5.99-$9). Unique house numbers automatically make your house stand out and improve your curb appeal (in my unprofessional opinion).

Pottery Barn

Next up, Pottery Barn Teen. (Yes, I shop the teen website for bargains. So sue me!)

This driftwood star is pretty cool, and it's on sale for $40. It could be razzle-dazzled for Christmas decor, too.

PB Teen

I don't see any great deals at Urban Outfitters or West Elm. Next up, CB2.
This Diamond Mobile is pretty awesome. I'm partial to mobiles, but how cool would this be in a modern, simplistic baby nursery? It has great reviews and it's marked down to $10. Plus, it's pretty big and it's solid iron.


Let's check out the Crate & Barrel online outlet. I'm drawn straight into the 50% or more section, of course. 

How about a set of six coasters for $3? This is another thing that would make a good gift or stocking stuffer. 

Crate & Barrel

Someday I am going to buy myself this star. I have loved it for years! It's on sale for $30. 

Crate & Barrel

My mom just bought some of this fabric for $5/yard from the Ballard Estate Sale. Great deal!

What's going on in ZGallerie's sale section? Lots of sparkle! I'm partial to this Coventry Pitcher, although I would use it as a vase. It's funky and fun for $10. 

Z Gallerie

Are you an online window shopper like me? Have you found anything good lately? Is it weird to admit that I'm already thinking about Christmas presents? It would be so nice to get those out of the way slowly instead of killing the budget every December!
* Hurry up, Friday! *

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