Let the painting begin!

Holy moly, what a difference a new coat of paint can make!

The painters worked all through the day yesterday, but it's not quite finished. I snapped some shots on my iPhone as they went along. They are coming back tomorrow to finish it up!

This was the color of the walls before they started painting. It's been this color since we moved in, and I've been dying to lighten it up.

 Here are some shots of the progress the painters made yesterday. We chose Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore as our main color and a bright white color for the trim.

Look at how much brighter it is than the old color along the top of the wall!

I got really excited once they started painting the trim. 
Goodbye, yellowy-beige trim... HELLO beautiful glossy white trim!

The painters also patched up some settling cracks we had, which is what you see above the fireplace. They needed that to dry so they are going to finish painting over it tomorrow. 

More cracks that needed to be patched above the front entry...

LOVE the trim!
We are so, so pleased with how the paint is turning out so far. The previous colors made our home feel dated and dark. The white and grey combo really freshens everything up and makes it feel so new! Plus, the living space seems so much bigger with the lighter color. 

I can't wait for them to finish so I can put everything back in its place. The only downside of painting everything is that it looks like we just moved in! 

Now we're debating about painting the brick fireplace. We're agreed that we want to paint it, but we're not sure what color. I was thinking of going with a lighter shade, while Scott wanted to go darker than the main wall color. What are your thoughts?

I'll be back as soon as they finish to show you some before and after pictures. Do you like the new paint color?

* Oil-based paint = instant headache. Ouch. *

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