Hallway Mini-Makeover

Once our interior paint job was finished, we suddenly had a little problem with our hallway mirror. Back when we first bought the house, I originally purchased this big mirror at HomeGoods because I noticed the size and finish of the frame was almost the exact same as our home's beige trim.

Look at how bland the mirror looked with our new wall and trim paint!

Once the trim was painted a nice glossy white last week, the mirror looked so sad. It was totally dingy! We all know that mirrors work wonders in making a space feel bigger, and our hallway felt so small and closed in without the big mirror we had grown accustomed to at the end of the hall. Plus, I use that mirror to see my outfits! We had to find a way to make it work, so I lugged it out into the garage for a quick paint job.

I really loved the way the black frames looked against the new grey walls in the dining room, so I decided to paint this mirror a glossy black paint that we already had in the garage. It's the same paint we used to paint the front door and the mirror in my new closet.  About a million coats later (I guess it's not very good quality paint), we finally had a black mirror to anchor the end of our hallway.

Here's the hallway without the mirror:

And with the new black mirror:

It reflects back into the living space and makes our small, dark hallway seem a little less small and dark!
I like the view from the mirror into the guest room (aka Scott's dressing room). This is the last room that still has the old carpet, and we'll replace that soon. The mirror ties in nicely with the black accents in his room. 

Can we take a minute to admire how my husband's sneakers match his room? What can we say, the boy likes grey and black!

Once we had the mirror painted, I wanted to add more interest to the hallway. I convinced the husband to help me create a small gallery wall with out black frames. We hung some of my art pieces and a few wedding photos. 

That's one of my favorite art pieces in the panoramic frame above– it's a chalk drawing of our bridal party. I feel like it perfectly captures the fun we had on our big day. 

And this is the house portrait I have Scott for our 1-year anniversary.  It's a sweet reminder of how our first home played a big role in our first year of marriage. 

So there you have it, a hallway mini- makeover. What do you think?  We want to update the sconces in the hallway to give the space more light, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

* Go Rangers! *

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