Friday Randoms

Random Topic #1

Last night we found my best friend a great little place to live! She moved down here from Denver and has been living with us while she figures out which area of Dallas she likes best. She was joking around that it would be great to live "in some rich person's guest house." Well, guess what– we found her a rich person's guest house on Craigslist! It's a one bedroom cottage that has a private fence and yard for her dog, and it's located in one of the most beautiful Dallas neighborhoods, Preston Hollow. Did I mention it was under budget?!

We both feel like God has been guiding this big move and life change for her the entire time, and this was just another instance where we had to sit back and marvel about how He has provided for her through this whole situation. And He's providing for me as well, bringing my best friend to live in the same city as me for the first time since high school! She'll be moving in to the guest cottage toward the end of November, and I'll share pictures on here of the little home projects we have planned to help her personalize the space. Can't wait!

Random Topic #2

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? I am! Specifically, I'm thinking about Christmas gifts and trying to plan ahead so we don't have to blow the budget in December. I've already started buying some small Christmas gifts for my relatives, but I really want to make a lot of our gifts this year. I've been collecting affordable DIY Christmas presents in a Pinterest folder. I already tried out the photo coaster idea, but here are a few others I really like:

Painted Dishes via Centsational Girl

Centsational Girl

I love this idea! You could go to your local thrift store and start collecting white plates, or you could buy an affordable set at Walmart or Target. You have to use paint pens that are made for porcelain or ceramics to create your design, and then you bake the dishes in the oven to permanently set the design. The ceramic paint pens are available at Michaels and other craft stores. You could personalize the plates/cups/bowls to coordinate with a friend's decor or to celebrate a certain holiday. I think it would be cute to paint a platter with someone's favorite Bible verse or saying, or you could monogram a set of dishes. Endless possibilities!

Simple Typography Art

Love of Family and Home

I think this would be a really charming gift. It's especially effective with the round frame, in my opinion, so I'll be on the lookout for one of those at my local thrift stores. It reminds me of my own old frame/burlap project, which Kelsey will be taking to her new place.

Super Simple Food Gift

We normally go with yummy treats for Scott's fellow teachers and coaches. Last year I made my favorite Nutter Butter Santa cookies, but I don't want to do the same thing again. Plus, those took a long time to make! When I spotted these simple treats on Pinterest, I thought they could be perfect to make in huge batches for coworker presents. They look very simple, and who doesn't love something that's both sweet and salty?

Cookies & Cups

My mom gave me the advice to always give food gifts in reusable containers instead of holiday-themed packages, so I like to house the treats in clear jars with hinging lids or simple mason jars.

Random Topic #3

Last night we swung by West Elm to see if they had any good sales. I found some more capiz shell strands for only 97 cents, so I had to buy them! I'm planning to whip up come capiz ornaments, but I also used these strands for my most popular blog post ever, a modern capiz sunburst wreath. Check it out HERE. And check out your local West Elm to see if they have any capiz left in the sale section.

West Elm had its holiday stuff out, which was very inspiring as usual.  I spotted a couple of ideas that I definitely plan to DIY for our home. I'd like a "sparkly" Christmas this year!

This seems like it could be made by hand, right? It would add some bling to the tree!

West Elm

I also spotted some DIY ornament ideas at Anthropologie, like these Typeface Monogram Ornaments.


Random Topic #4
Ok, that's enough Christmas talk. We're still trying to get through football season over here. We've got a home game tonight and it's finally chilly here in DFW, so I'm going to have to bundle up. Look at how cute my husband is with his wide receivers after a recent win:

I'm done with my randoms for today. I hope you have a grrrrreat weekend!

* Hooray for sweater weather! *
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