*DIY Photo Coasters*

And now, another Pinterest-inspired project!

I've been on the hunt for affordable Christmas gift ideas, and these photo coasters caught my eye.

Lee La La

I followed the tutorial on Lindsay's blog, and now we have our own set!

In case you couldn't tell, those bottom two pictures are photos of our furry daughters. The one on the left is when Nugget #1 was playing in the snow, and the one on the right is when baby Nugget #2 was stuck in the sofa. Our whole family is represented in the coaster set. So cute!

Here's what I used:
4x4 Agora Almond tiles from Lowe's, 33 cents/each
Gloss Mod Podge
Clear coat spray paint
White tissue paper

While using Lindsay's tutorial, I had trouble printing onto tissue paper without getting smudges. I started with tissue paper taped onto normal copy paper, but that didn't work well. I finally had success once I taped the tissue paper (very smoothly) to cardstock instead of regular paper. Keep that in mind if you try this!

I had everything on hand except the tiles and felt pads, so these coasters ended up costing less than $3. I'm definitely going to make some for gifts this holiday season! After all, who doesn't need coasters? The fact that I can personalize them makes them an even better gift idea.

* Christmas shopping in October! *

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