Update: Church Nursery Makeover/Mural

In August, my church asked if I would be willing to do some sort of mural in their nursery area to make the space feel less clinical and more homey. I jumped at the opportunity because a) I like projects, especially nurseries and b) it was a good way to use my talents to give back to the church.

They were hoping to have it done by Sept. 6 because preschool was starting right after Labor Day. That meant I had almost two weeks to get it done. I don't think I really understood how long this project was going to take me and just how big the room was, so I thought that deadline was totally feasible. I'm one of those people who does better with deadlines and pressure, so I put in 10 straight hours working on this nursery during that Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I was determined to get it to a point where it would look done (or at least at  a logical stopping point, instead of painting half a wall yellow or something like that). Before those 10 hours, I put in many random hours during the evenings at work. It took many coats of paint, let's just leave it at that!

I shared a sneak peek with you a couple weeks ago and showed you my general plan for the space. Check it out HERE.

When I left that day, this is how it looked:

If I were painting a nursery in my own home, would I pick such bright colors? Probably not. However, this is a busy church nursery/preschool area, and we had to work with the other murals that were already there. And as my first grade teacher mom said, bright colors are more stimulating for babies.

This huge mural is in the main hallway at the church that leads into the children's zone, so this is where I pulled all of the colors.

The stork leans on a giant window that peeks into the room I painted, so parents can come check up on their babies. Because of the window, this huge mural and my mural are all visible at once, which added to the challenge. They definitely needed to complement each other.
Because the hallway is so loud and full of personality, I wanted my room to coordinate but not compete. I didn't want the view from the window to be way too busy, so I kept my paint job simple. I don't think this is technically a mural that I ended up with, so let's call it decorative painting. I tried to keep it bright, fun and whimsical.

The family pastor told me his vision for the room was for it to look like something that was decorated inside a home, with a really cozy vibe. That's what I went for with my free-form stripes, polka dots and wavy lines. Nothing is too literal, which I love. I just think it's super playful. I would definitely do something like this in a nursery in my own home, only I would probably use a different color scheme. I am loving the stripes and the fact that I didn't have to tape those off and get them exactly straight.

My favorite part of the whole space are my polka dots, which are hard to see in the pictures. The yellow upper half of the wall is covered in oversized polka dots in a darker shade of yellow. Without them, the room just wouldn't be complete. Even Scott agreed that the dots are his favorite part!

Let's do some before and after action, shall we?  
(I'm sorry about the quality of these pics, but my good camera was broken so I snapped all of these on my iPhone for reference. I'm planning to go back and take better pictures when we've added the accessories and completely finished the project.)



I was not a fan of those two-tone blue chairs before, but somehow my two-tone water feature makes them seem purposeful in the space. I love happy accidents! :)





I really wish my polka dots showed up better in these pictures! You can see them better in this shot from the sneak peek:

The ladies who work in the preschool area at church told me that they have gotten great feedback on the room so far, so that makes me very happy. The room is not completely finished yet, so I can't wait until we add all of the accessories we picked up at Ikea. 

I bought these curtains to bring in more color and make the room extra cozy. I thought they would help soften that giant window along the wall.
Vitaminer Vimpel

Then I bought these coordinating throw blankets because let me tell you, that room is arctic! I feel so bad for the ladies who have to freeze in there everyday, so I grabbed these fleece blankets for extra warmth while they hold the babies. 

Vitaminer Vimpel

We added a few bright green toss pillows:

And three fun wall lights to make the space a little more girly:
Smila Blomma

I promise to share better pictures from my good camera with you once the space is completely finished and accessorized. This weekend, maybe? When I post the good pictures, I'll also share the paint colors and techniques used to create this look.

This is the second mural/decorative paint job I've done this year. Check out the birch tree nursery I did for a friend HERE and HERE.

What do you think?  

PS. I totally struck out at the Missoni for Target launch. There was nothing left at my store when I got there after work yesterday.
* Yellow and green and blue, oh my! *

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