Touches of Autumn

My house smells like pumpkin spice, and I'm loving it.

It has something to do with these:

It was time to bust out the yummy fall candles!
Let's talk about the centerpiece. Do you remember my capiz sunburst wreath? Well, I took it off the front door and had big plans to turn it into a mirror for the guest room. I bought this mirror you see in the centerpiece at Michael's, but when I got it next to the mirror, it was just a smidge too small.

I'm pretty sure these mirrors are intended for wedding centerpieces anyway, so I decided to try it on the table. I actually really like how it turned out. I think my capiz wreath will live here for a few months and then I'll find a mirror that actually fits!

The candle and berry wreath are both from Target, bought on sale at the end of the season last year. 

This is my favorite little fake pumpkin:

I decided to make a little pumpkin terrarium using an upside down vase (HomeGoods) and a vintage crystal tray (thrifted). That little knob on top is the finial from a glass lamp, but I thought it made the vase look more terrarium-y.

I'm definitely digging that little pumpkin. I was excited to show it to Scott, who gave me this confused/amused smile with a look on his face that said, "Why would a pumpkin be under a glass like that? What is the point?" There is no point, my dear. It's just cute!

Then I added some rocks to my candle centerpiece to bring in some rustic, autumn flair. It's candles galore in our living/dining space right now.

The rocks were borrowed from our patio landscaping project. 

I'm sure I'll continue adding to the fall decor around here, but that's where it stands right now. In case you missed it, here's my first post about fall decor HERE.

Have you added any autumn touches to your home yet?

* Hooray for Thursday *

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