Thrifting Adventures Part II

I started to tell you about our thrift store adventures yesterday, showing you the awesome wooden crates we bought and plan to use as storage in the house.

That was only the beginning of the full truckload of stuff we brought home from that same thrift store.

What started out as a quick stop for cheap glass vases quickly morphed into a huge pile of loot!

Do you watch American Pickers? We love it. That probably makes us major nerds, but whatever. Anyway, they always call it "breaking the ice" when they buy their first item from someone. Usually they end up buying all sorts of stuff, but the first item that breaks the ice is the hardest to negotiate.

Well, this table is the item that "broke the ice" for us at the thrift store. It was randomly placed at the front of the store, and once I saw it I made a beeline straight for it. I'm pretty sure Scott was in the middle of a sentence when I said "Oooohhhh...." and walked away from him, transfixed by the table.

Isn't it funny how chunky legs are only desirable in furniture? I must say, this beauty has nice, chunky legs. Those stems are definitely what attracted me to her in the first place. That and her gorgeous top half, if you know what I mean. Wink* wink*.  

Ok, now this is just getting weird...

But seriously, isn't the tabletop pretty?

She was marked $80, but we got the salesman to agree to $40. She was in perfect condition except for a little wobbliness in the legs, which Scott said would be easy to fix.

Scott: "Where are we going to put it?"
Me: "I don't know, but I have to have her!"

He let me have the table, and before we knew it we had this massive pile of wooden stuff stacked up by the register.

Here she is in the living room, acting as a really large and weighty side table. LOVE her. 

It was a little bit tricky to rearrange the furniture to work with a square table, since we used to have a round one in that spot. I had to do a 90 degree furniture arrangement that took everything a little bit closer to the TV. One thing I really love about the arrangement now is it makes the view much more spacious when looking from the kitchen or the hallway.

See those yellow pillows– one on the sofa and one on the entry bench? We also brought those home from the thrift store yesterday. They're down pillows from Crate & Barrel, scored for $2 each. I thought they would pick up the yellow tones in the rug.

Rounding out the big thrift store items are these last two pieces, a desk and hutch set that are meant to be used with the wooden crates. We weren't originally going to get these because we don't have a place for them, but the sales guy said he would give them to us for $20. We decided that at that price, it would make an awesome work station for the garage. 

You can't beat $20 for a massive, heavy piece like that!
So we spent $50 on the crates, $40 on the table, $20 on the desk/hutch and $4 on the pillows. Don't forget the two vases I bought for the mercury glass project ($1 each) and the sleek Halston skinny tie I bought for the husband (navy with tiny white dots, perfectly matching his school colors) for $1. He swore that Halston was a brand they carry at WalMart, but I know better. (MEN.) They wear suits and ties on game days, so I fully expect him to be sporting that thing on Friday!

Did I mention there was an 8 foot by 8 foot Jesus painting? You don't see those everyday!

As the American Pickers would say, we were "popping" on items all over the store.  Gosh, we love that show. 

Have you "popped" on an awesome deal lately?

* Texas Pickers! *

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