Thrifting Adventures & Crate Shelving

I don't normally frequent thrift stores, probably because we don't have that many in our neighborhood. Plus, Scott has a hard time with the thrift-store smell (I agree, it's not the best smell ever), so I usually can't get him to go with me.

Yesterday was an exception. I wanted to try out the DIY mercury glass stuff, so I figured I would go to a thrift store and buy some glass vases and stuff to experiment with. (See my results HERE.) Scott had football stuff all morning, so I figured I could thrift to my heart's content without him lamenting about the smell and telling me he'll be "waiting outside."

My shopping day didn't really go as planned, so I was on my way to the thrift store when Scott called to say he was done for the day. Of course I said, "Let's go to the thrift store together!" He was less than thrilled, but I convinced him that I would be quick about it.

About $120 later, we left the thrift store. As you can tell, we bought way more than just random glass vases!

It's a good thing Scott came because he spotted these awesome wooden boxes/crates/cubbies that we just had to purchase. (We're not sure what to call them, as you can tell.)

Here they are, all stacked up in our messy garage.

My mom saw the picture and wondered if they had metal brackets. Nope, these guys are all solid wood, although I can see why she might have thought that.

Apparently they were part of a custom, modular bunk bed set up in a little boy's room. They were selling all in one package with the bed and the matching desk and hutch. We left the bed and snagged the rest. These crates cost us $50, which I thought was a decent price since they were so heavy and well-made.

They are solid wood and they are VERY heavy. Scott found them initially and was smitten with the craftsmanship. I liked them because they instantly reminded me of some awesome crate shelving I have seen on Pinterest. (I think Scott is tired of me leading my sentences with, "I saw this really cool thing on Pinterest...") 


emma's designblogg

Lydie Meintjes

Pretty cool ways to use crates, huh? 

I like how the ones we bought can be stacked and arranged in so many different ways. Tetris, anyone?! Whoever took the time to build those things really thought out the design and put a lot of detail into them, which is what convinced us we had to have them.

For the next couple of months, we're thinking they will go in our guest room to provide our long-term guest (who I know has a lot of stuff, just like I do) with more storage. After that, they could end up anywhere!

I've got more thrift store treasures to show you later this week, including an awesome chunky wooden table with which I'm completely enamored.

By the way, do you ever take your old clothes to Plato's Closet? We did some closet cleaning and took our clothes there yesterday. They are a resale store that caters to teens.  We walked out with $75 and donated everything they didn't buy to Goodwill. We do this every so often and always appreciate a little extra cash for our old stuff. We've noticed that they really like well known brands that might appeal to teenagers like Forever 21, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Banana Republic, BCBG, Nike, etc. Just a thought if you are thinking about cleaning out your closet any time soon!

* Have you found any thrift store treasures lately? Do tell! *

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