Remembering September 11

Where were you on September 11?


I was in my sophomore year of high school in El Paso, TX. We heard about it at the beginning of school that day, and all of the teachers quickly turned on the TV. We were all in a trance, and it felt so surreal. We switched from class to class as usual, but each teacher had the TV on so we could watch what was happening. They didn't bother with classwork that day, and we all shuffled through the day in a daze. I remember some of my classmates being frightened for relatives or friends that were in New York, and the rest of us trying to comfort them.

El Paso has a huge military base, and at some point we all got scared that the terrorists would target that base. Many of my classmates were military children, but I don't think any of us quite realized the way this attack would affect our relatives and friends who were part of the armed forces.

It's hard to believe it has already been a decade since that fateful day. I was working at Scott's high school this past Friday, and the teacher asked the freshmen what they remembered about Sept. 11. The main response was, "My mom came and picked me up from preschool!" It makes me wonder what event will mark that generation like September 11 did for us.

Let's take some time today to remember those who passed and to celebrate the amazing American spirit that burst forth that day.

To those who work each and every day to protest our freedom, THANK YOU.

* God Bless America *
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