Happy Friday!

I wrote a blog about a week back that mentioned these 25 free business cards that were available through www.Minted.com. (Disclaimer: $8 shipping fee applies). Anyway, my free cards have arrived and they are fabulous!

They even come in a really cute matchbox case that makes them easy to throw in your purse.

You should go ahead and get some for yourself! There are tons of great, stylish choices. Check them out HERE.  There is an option to check as you personalize your cards that allows you to get them for free (minus the shipping charge).

Some of you may know that we are a football family around here. Scott coaches high school football in a Dallas suburb (and yes, Friday Night Lights and all those other stories about how big high school football is in Texas are not exaggerations).  Today is our second game of the season after we lost last Friday, 42-41. It was a heart breaker!

Here is the Hubs is with his wide receivers (far right). The kids are so adorable (and I'm sure 18 year old boys wouldn't appreciate that cutesy reference, but whatever). Scott loves coaching them.

Jaguar Football

Football is all-consuming for us this time of year. Scott probably averages 80-100+ hour weeks, including most of the day on each weekend. That's why we can't take on any major home renovations right now, although the poor guy spent every spare minute last year in football season completing his fence masterpiece. This fall he has asked me to take it easy on him with the honey-do list. :)

In other house news, we are getting a roommate! My best friend will be moving down here from Denver in less than a month, and she's going to stay with us for a few months while she gets the lay of the land and finds an apartment. I'm so excited to have her around because we haven't lived in the same town for more than seven years now. I will soon have the shopping and workout buddy I have been wanting all this time. What a blessing– I'm such a lucky girl.

That means we have to get the guest room ready for a long-term guest and clear out that closet (full of my junk) so she has room for her junk. We need to take the flooring from the rest of the house and continue into that room (which just has concrete floors right now) and buy a mattress pad for the bed. Mattress pads make every bed better, don't you think?

I'll be posting guest room progress as we go, but I'm dedicating this weekend to the nursery mural at our church. It's a huge project and it has to be finished by Tuesday. Wish me luck!

What are your Labor Day weekend plans? Make me super jealous and tell me your fun plans in the comments!

* Have a lovely Labor Day... *

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