Paper, Scissors, Stick.

Let's hear it for wreaths! This is the third one I've made this month, and I don't even really like wreaths. Don't ask me why I kept making them... I just couldn't get the exact look I wanted for my front door this fall.

I needed the right wreath to complement my pumpkin display, and I needed it to be free. That meant I was going to work with what I had in the garage. Some spray paint, sticks and scrapbook paper later, I had a low key, organic wreath for my front door with a hint of sparkle.

It's very simple to make, so let's walk through the steps!

I started with two grapevine wreaths that were left over from our wedding. One was in good shape and one was completely falling apart. I love the easy texture and relaxed style of these wreaths, but sometimes I wish they were fuller and more interesting. This wreath sprung from the idea that I could take the two wreaths and combine them to make something with more presence and pizazz!

First, I headed to the backyard with the two wreaths, a can of copper spray paint and a can of gold spray paint. 

I didn't want to completely coat the wreath in spray paint, so I used the two colors to "dust" the wreath that was on its last limb. 

Once that was dry, I started breaking apart the painted pieces and weaving them into the other grapevine wreath. My goal was to fluff it up and make it both wider and deeper.

This picture shows the regular color of the wreaths in the background, with my painted pieces in front. It's subtle, but it's definitely more interesting than the original. The metallic sheen really shows up in person. 

Then I went inside and whipped up some of my favorite paper flowers! These things are totally my go-to craft element to make something more interesting. I've got them in our living room, our master bedroom, my bathroom and even in the birch tree nursery I painted for a friend. Nope, I'm not sick of them yet! I guess they are sort of "my thing."

I cut the flowers out of two similar, but different shades of scrapbook paper. Once cut, you glue them together in the center with hot glue and fold the petals outward to give the flower a 3D effect. Fluffing the flowers, as I like to call it.

The last step it to hot glue the flowers to your wreath. Voila, wreath #3! 

Today is a big weekend at our house! Tonight is the big rivalry game for Scott's football team, and our new roomie, my best friend, moves in tomorrow. It's going to be fun!

What are your plans?

* Have a grrrreat weekend! *
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