My Creative Space

My art studio/office/craft room is one of my favorite places in this house. When we initially toured this house, I immediately claimed the space for myself and all my art goodies. This nook is pretty small, but it is packed with charm!

Our home's floor plan was apparently very common in 1979, and we have two friends who basically have the exact same house. However, neither of them has this little nook. Instead, they have two glass sliding doors leading to a tiny outdoor courtyard. The previous owners had the courtyard originally and probably added this nook later, and I'm so glad. Despite it's small size, it makes the living area feel much larger than the houses with the same floor plan that don't have this space.


We purchased these Ikea cabinets from the previous owner, who had them in the guest room. Then we scored the bookshelf from the Ikea as-is section so that we could have basically an entire wall of storage. The bookshelves are a great space for all of my books, photo albums, board games and random art supplies (at the bottom in those plastic storage boxes). 

I reorganized the top cabinets today, and they are much more functional for me now! Now it houses my fabric scraps, paper scraps, ribbon, small canvases, chalk pastels, sponge brushes and scrapbook paper.

Just in case you see something you like in there, here's the source list for my studio:
Desk: Pottery Barn outlet (It's actually a vanity– there is a mirror that pops up.)
Chair: Pottery Barn outlet
Rug: HomeGoods
Cabinets and bookshelf: Ikea
Pencil art: Pottery Barn
Easel: CB2

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