Football Friday & Missoni Miracle

It's game day at the Grantham household! After a bye week last Friday, today we're back to the football grind. Good luck to our beloved Jaguars as they start district play!

Can I tell you about my mini Missoni miracle this week?

I had a couple of throw pillows that I needed to return at Target. I'm standing there in the returns area when this woman walks in with $1,100 worth of Missoni to return!

She must have just grabbed everything she could when they first opened the store, and now she was ready to return the stuff she didn't want. I didn't really care why she was returning them, but I wanted to have a look!

I asked the Target worker if they would be restocking any Missoni goods, but the answer was no. She told me anything else that shows up in the store is stuff that has been returned.

The sweet Target girls let me look at that woman's shopping cart off to side before they returned the items to the floor. It was like a private sale just for me! AHH! That never happens!

I came away with some really cute things. Some are presents for friends and some are presents for me!

Ok, I promise this is the last time I'll talk about MIssoni. I'm sure you are so tired of hearing about it!
I'm not done yakking about shopping, though. I was wandering through HomeGoods to get creative ideas tonight, and I came across some awesome pieces of furniture that sparked my DIY juices. I'd thought I'd share them so you can get ideas, too!

Subtle tone-on-tone stripes on this small dresser– I LOVE this! The crystal knobs are a great touch.

This is another great dresser with glossy grey paint, decorative white accent and nail head embellishment! So cool.

Check out these burlap-covered storage boxes. How easy would this be to do yourself?! I've got some burlap laying around, so I may have to try this out over the weekend. I love the stenciled word details, too. 

This lamp has a mercury glass treatment, but it's also got some black paint added in. I'm thinking about how I would accomplish this using the DIY mercury glass technique I did over Labor Day weekend, but I'm not quite sure. Black spray paint on top of the mirror spray paint? Any thoughts?

The finish on this last dresser is really, really special. I have no idea how one would go about DIYing something like this, but I'm sharing it anyway. As you look closer, more butterflies and painted details are revealed. I haven't seen something that looks hand-painted and mercury glass-ish, and I'm totally in love with it. 

Do you ever go window shopping to get ideas? I really get a lot of ideas that way...

* Go Jags! *

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