DIY Mercury Glass

Happy Labor Day!

You know what I used to take for granted? The weather. Well, not anymore! After a summer of record breaking heat and a seemingly endless amount of days measuring 105-110 degrees, we finally had a break in the weather yesterday and today. The high was in the 80s! Just Friday I was rejoicing the fact that we were back in single digits (98), and now we are in the 80s. I was so giddy about the temperatures this morning, I could hardly stand it. I actually wore a long sleeve shirt to go for a walk with a friend. Never again will I take these lovely temperatures for granted, I promise.

Anyway, let's talk about mercury glass. Last week I showed you some of my favorite mercury glass items on the web and mentioned my desire to try a DIY method on some of my own glassy things. Today, this lovely Labor Day with no plans, was the perfect time for crafty experiments.

I'm happy to report that I have a couple of faux mercury glass items floating around the house now, and overall I'm pleased with how they turned out.

According to Martha Stewart's mercury glass tutorial, I needed a spray bottle of water and some Krylon Looking Glass spray paint to create this effect. That particular type of spray paint turned out to be hard to find. I struck out at Home Depot, WalMart and Hobby Lobby before finding one can at Michael's. 

*Bargain Move: The Krylon Looking Glass spray paint retails for $11.99 at Michael's. You can print a 50% off of one item coupon at Michael's website or download the Michael's app, which allows you to just pull up the coupon on your phone at the register. I used the app and got my can for about $6. 

The hubs and I went nuts at the thrift store today (come back for more on our thrifting treasures later this week), and two of the items I came home with were glass containers. The very shallow cylindrical vessel in front and the tall, ribbed glass vase in back were each 99 cents at the thrift store, and the other two were things I already owned.

I worked inside a shallow cardboard box in our backyard, lightly spraying the glass items with water before applying the spray paint. I also used a paper towel to dab at the web paint to get some irregular markings on the outside. 

It was very, very simple. The Martha Stewart version says to paint the inside of the vase, so I started off that way by taping off the outside of each. I couldn't fit my hand inside some of the vases to spray paint, so I chose to apply it to the outside on two of them. Can you tell which have the paint inside and which are outside?

The paint dries very fast, so move quickly if you're going to alter the spray paint while it is still wet. 

They look pretty cute in the house, I must say. They brighten up and modernize the room with their shiny finish. 

If you would like to add some glamour to your room but don't have a lot of money, you should try to make your own mercury glass. I really think mercury glass adds shine and excitement to a boring room, and who doesn't like that?!

* Happy Labor Day *

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