Paper, Scissors, Stick.

Let's hear it for wreaths! This is the third one I've made this month, and I don't even really like wreaths. Don't ask me why I kept making them... I just couldn't get the exact look I wanted for my front door this fall.

I needed the right wreath to complement my pumpkin display, and I needed it to be free. That meant I was going to work with what I had in the garage. Some spray paint, sticks and scrapbook paper later, I had a low key, organic wreath for my front door with a hint of sparkle.

It's very simple to make, so let's walk through the steps!

I started with two grapevine wreaths that were left over from our wedding. One was in good shape and one was completely falling apart. I love the easy texture and relaxed style of these wreaths, but sometimes I wish they were fuller and more interesting. This wreath sprung from the idea that I could take the two wreaths and combine them to make something with more presence and pizazz!

First, I headed to the backyard with the two wreaths, a can of copper spray paint and a can of gold spray paint. 

I didn't want to completely coat the wreath in spray paint, so I used the two colors to "dust" the wreath that was on its last limb. 

Once that was dry, I started breaking apart the painted pieces and weaving them into the other grapevine wreath. My goal was to fluff it up and make it both wider and deeper.

This picture shows the regular color of the wreaths in the background, with my painted pieces in front. It's subtle, but it's definitely more interesting than the original. The metallic sheen really shows up in person. 

Then I went inside and whipped up some of my favorite paper flowers! These things are totally my go-to craft element to make something more interesting. I've got them in our living room, our master bedroom, my bathroom and even in the birch tree nursery I painted for a friend. Nope, I'm not sick of them yet! I guess they are sort of "my thing."

I cut the flowers out of two similar, but different shades of scrapbook paper. Once cut, you glue them together in the center with hot glue and fold the petals outward to give the flower a 3D effect. Fluffing the flowers, as I like to call it.

The last step it to hot glue the flowers to your wreath. Voila, wreath #3! 

Today is a big weekend at our house! Tonight is the big rivalry game for Scott's football team, and our new roomie, my best friend, moves in tomorrow. It's going to be fun!

What are your plans?

* Have a grrrreat weekend! *
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We Pumpkin'd Our Front Door

Fall has arrived on our front stoop!

All of the pumpkins, except for the grapevine one that lights up, were purchased at Michaels. The one with lights was bought at Pier 1 last year. They're all piled up on our thrift store wooden crates, which are coming in handy. We're also using them in the recently-revamped guest room. Those limbs are from our firewood pile, which is HUGE now that we chopped up that giant tree limb that fell on the house back in June.

I made that autumn wreath from two grapevine wreaths (wedding leftovers), some spray paint and scrapbook paper. I'll give the details tomorrow! (I've sure been on a wreath kick lately, especially for someone who doesn't love wreaths. Check out my modern capiz sunburst wreath and another grapevine wreath with a twist.)

Pumpkin Details: 

That monogrammed pumpkin was pretty simple. It's a craftable white pumpkin from Michael's that I painted with acrylic craft paint. It looked a little flat with just the black monogram, so I added the gold stripes. I love how it plays up the other gold and metallics with my pumpkin collection!

The polka dot pumpkin is another white craft pumpkin that was painted with gold spots from a circular sponge brush. I basically stamped them on, and it was super simple. 

The swirly pumpkin is an orange foam pumpkin that I decorated with puff paint. Once I had the swirls done, it still looked too "crafty." I took my gold craft paint and painted a thin layer over the whole thing. The orange still shines through, but this gives it a little shimmer that makes it look more complete.

I love how it looks at dusk!

Scott said the new decorations make him excited for fall. Truth be told, we're not really feeling the autumn weather down here in Dallas– it's still in the 90s this week. These front door decorations are sort of wishful thinking on my part, but a girl can dream! I'm looking on the bright side– at least we aren't melting into sweat puddles like we were a month ago!

I'm linking up to Rhoda's Fall Linky party!

* Looking forward to cooler days and apple pie! *

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Wisteria Warehouse Sale: What I Bought

Like I mentioned on Sunday, I spent this past Saturday morning at the Wisteria Warehouse Sale. It was a dream come true for decorating nerds and shopaholics, and I fit into both categories. I get my decorating and shopping skills from my mom, who just so happened to be visiting this weekend, so I took my parents to the sale with me.

Within 10 minutes of walking up to the sale, we had all separated and darted off in different directions. We were off to the races, searching for the ultimate Wisteria treasure! My dad doesn't so much like to look at the items as a decorator, but his goal at these events is to find the item that has the highest percentage discount– the best bargain in the building.

I already told you on Sunday about the big ol' mirror that made it home with me. Scott was walking by it last night and said, "Man, that mirror is really cool." It's always a victory when my husband likes my big purchases, you know?

I paid $75 for my first purchase, Multiple Layers of Geometric Mirrors, which is retailing on the website for $379.

My next purchase was this little guy. Yes, he's a boy. I just thought he was really cool and elegant. I thought of my mom when I first saw it because she a has a horse collection going on in her home, but we both ended up with one of these statues in our possession after the sale. The Chinese Zodiac Horse cost me $30 at the sale, and it was selling on the website for $169.

When we put the statue on the table, the nuggets got all riled up. They were sniffing it and approaching it as if it were some rogue squirrel they were going to capture. Eventually they had enough and decided the statue wasn't a threat to their territory, but it was pretty amusing.

Lastly, I bought these two holiday pillow covers for $3 and $5. I thought they were charming and understated, and they could stay out all winter. Of course, I wasn't surprised when I met up with my mom at the sale and she had the same pillowcases in her shopping tote bag. Great minds think alike! (Or I am just well trained, as she would probably put it.)

Love the herringbone!

Two hours later, we left the sale. I thought that was the end of it, but I was wrong!

Somewhere around 3 p.m., I opened the giant mirror box because I wanted to show Scott my great purchase. (He was working, so he couldn't come shopping with us.) I pulled it out of the box, and he quickly pointed out that the glass on one of the side mirror was cracked. My heart sank. None of this stuff could be returned!

I knew the sale was going on until 4 pm, so I convinced Scott to go back to the sale with me (only 10 minutes away) to see if they had any mirrors left that I could exchange with mine. Miracle of all miracles, they had one mirror left, and they were willing to let me exchange mine. PHEW! Cracked mirror crisis averted.

My treasure-hunting husband was wandering around the warehouse while I negotiated my mirror exchange, and I finally found him again near the clothing chests. There was so much beautiful furniture for sale at the warehouse (at huge discounts!) but I didn't feel like our bank account could make a really big purchase like that.

The one item I really loved was this map chest.

It lured me in with its sweet vintage map and neutral color scheme, but it was out of range at $250. That's not much for a dresser that was retailing for $1,000, but it was more than we were willing to spend. 
Scott loved the map chest too, and we were studying it closely as the Wisteria sales people waited around for the sale to end. You could tell they were ready to celebrate the end of that 3-day sale. 

There was one chest that was slightly damaged (a scuff on top and a small peel on the side) and only priced at $200, so we asked the Wisteria sales person if the price was negotiable. She said she could come down to $175. 

Me, with puppy dog eyes: "Does that take into account the damage?"

Wisteria lady: "Did you see the original price?"

Me, sheepish: "Yes, I was just... begging."

Wisteria lady: "Well, I didn't see that peel in the corner. I'd be willing to come down to $150."

At this point I was starting to get excited that we might be able to afford it, but Scott wasn't ready to spend the money yet. We were both sitting there, staring at it and wondering if we should buy it. 

Wisteria lady, clearly taking pity on us: "Are you two just starting out? I tell you what..."

She grabbed the price tag and wrote $100 in big letters. My eyes got wide.

"We'll take it!"

What a deal- $100 for a dresser that normally costs $1,000! We were both pretty excited. Who cares that we only got that deal because we looked like really pitiful newlyweds?!

The lady was nice enough to tell us that they found a small map the size of copy paper in Europe, and they had it enlarged for this chest. She said the top of it was tea-stained, so we could use that technique to touch up that scuff on top. We found out the one we were buying was the original prototype, so it was actually slightly better quality than the ones that were mass-produced. COOL. She was really helpful!

Right now we packed it into the guest room to give our lovely guest more storage, but who knows where it will end up after that? It would be so cute in a child's room down the line, but it's neutral color scheme lends itself well to almost any space.

Ok, that's the story of the Wisteria Warehouse Sale. If you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and like to shop for really cool home stuff, get signed up for the Wisteria mailing list. That's how I found out about the sale. You can also like their Facebook page to get the latest details on special sales. I've been told they do them twice a year, so there will be more goodies to be had this spring! I can't wait! They also have an outlet here in Dallas by Love Field airport, and I've heard it has pretty good deals.

*Wisteria Lane*

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Mantel Party

 Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I've updated the pictures on my autumn mantel post and am linking up at Layla's Autumn Mantel Link Party today.

Autumn Linky Party #1

This is the first party of four blog gatherings that will center around autumn decor. Since this is my favorite season, I hope to be partying all month long! 

Head over to the party to check out all of the beautiful mantels. I love seeing how differently we all interpret this season!
* I want some apple cider and pumpkin pie! *

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Entry Makeover, Chalkboard Front Door and Wisteria Mania!

I woke up bright and early this past Saturday to be one of the first to arrive at the last day of the Wisteria Warehouse Sale. It was a major sale, and I had a blast checking out the goodies.

I normally can't afford Wisteria stuff, but every item was at least 50% off at the sale. By the last day of the three-day sale, the prices were really, really low. It basically made me giddy with excitement to see so many gorgeous, unique pieces that were actually within my price range. I wasn't the only one feeling the shopper's high– I haven't seen that many excited shoppers since Black Friday!

One of the first things I bought was this fabulous mirror for $75! It's selling on their website for $379 right now, so I scored a major bargain. It's huge and heavy and awesome.

This mirror needed a place of honor in our house, and it ending up sparking an entryway mini-makeover.

This is how the entry looked on Saturday...

And this is how it looks today:

Step 1: Hang the mirror. The husband is very good at hanging heavy stuff, luckily for me. 

Step 2: Reupholster the bench. I've been carrying around this great fabric for a long time and was happy to finally use some of it! It looks so much better than the previous fabric. I've had this little bench a long time and used it to decorate my college house.

3. Paint the front door black. Well, what really happened was that we tried a Tiffany-blue color at first, but we both agreed we weren't feeling it. I decided to go dark and do the black color, and I love it. I am a big fan of how it draws your eye when you walk in the back door, which is the main entrance for us.

And it's not just any black interior door– it's a chalkboard door!

That means I can have way too much fun doing little things like this:

That's only the beginning of the doodles... I can picture snowflakes falling down the door, a cheery Christmas wreath, a welcome sign, stripes, polka dots, personal messages, Bible verses, the works!
Rest assured that I will have way too much fun drawing stuff on the inside of my front door. I think I may have to invest in colored chalk...

Have I told you how much I love the new mirror?! The angled mirror panes around the border reflect so many different surfaces and bring in more light to the space. I think it brings some glamor to our living room, which I love. Plus, it plays well with my sunburst mirror in the opposite corner. Even Scott thinks it is pretty cool and admitted that it was "a good purchase." YES!

We got a few more treasures at the Wisteria Warehouse Sale, and I'll show you those tomorrow. Let's just say that it was a seriously fun shopping experience. Even my dad was getting into the treasure-hunting action! The Wisteria workers told me they have these sales twice a year, so I'm pledging to never miss another one. I am fortunate to live less than 10 minutes from the Wisteria warehouse, so these warehouse sales are basically right in my backyard.

* Happy Monday *

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