Watercolors & Weekend

I've been loving watercolors lately, in all forms.

It started with these plates I found at Target:

I bought four of the big plates, along with this great serving tray, for a total of $10 during a recent Target sale (score). Scott thought they were a bit girly, but I thought the watercolor effect was completely beautiful.

Then my best friend bought these really cute watercolor shorts, and I was totally jealous. They're now sold out at Ann Taylor Loft, and I can't believe they were selling for less than $5!

Then I saw some watercolor walls–gasp!– on Pinterest. My mind was blown. It's watercolor wallpaper, by the way, available HERE

photos from www.BlackCrowStudios.com

And I completely love these watercolor business cards from Oh Happy Day.  I think I need to try this for myself!

photo from www.ohhappyday.com

About five years years ago at the world's greatest estate sale (where I also got my favorite $5 vintage chair), I bought a box of art supplies that included a really old set of watercolors. 

I've been playing with them this week, and I'm still trying to teach myself how to use this medium. I've always been more into drawing than painting, and I've only painted with acrylic, so this is a stretch for me.

I love how the colors bleed and create that awesome effect, but I haven't learned how to perfectly control it yet. These are some of my samples, and I'm going to keep practicing this weekend!


I can say that I am fascinated with watercolors at the moment and am determined to become more skilled with them in my artwork. I love finding new mediums to try, even if they take me awhile to figure out.

Are you feeling the watercolor trend right now? Have you seen any cool watercolor products I don't have here? I'm on the lookout for a beautiful, affordable watercolor scarf. Please share in the comments if you've found one!

* Happy Weekend! *

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