Nursery Mural Sneak Peek

I was recently asked to paint a mural in the nursery of our church, and I got started on it last night after work. My mural has to coordinate with the existing one that is on the outside of the children's area, which is neon green with pops of yellow and blue. I'm taking some of the same colors from the outside mural and doing something a little more whimsical and calm inside the nursery area.

Here's a quick picture I snapped with my phone as I was leaving last night:

That is probably only 1/6 of the room (maybe not even that), so I've already concluded that it is going to take me forever.  The only problem is, preschool starts next week after the Labor Day holiday, so I have to get it done by then. EEK. I'll be devoting every spare minute outside of work to painting this room, but it's worth it because I know it will help the church. 

Here's a little sketch so you can get a sneak peak at what I have in mind for the rest of the space:

Happy stripes, fun polka dots and cute little frogs. Gender neutral and adorable, if I do say so. Let's just see if I can execute!

I've also got my eye on some affordable products from Ikea to spice up the room:

gender neutral baby nursery

Ikea Fabler
$30 - ikea.com

Ikea Barnslig
$20 - ikea.com

Ikea Barnslig Rand
$20 - ikea.com

Ikea Smila Sol
$20 - ikea.com

Ikea Grönska Prickar
$13 - ikea.com

Ikea Vitaminer Vimpel
$9.99 - ikea.com

Speaking of Ikea, have you seen the new Ninni curtain line? Polka dots galore! I had my heart set on this pair of curtains for our master bedroom, but our local Ikea was completely sold out when I went to buy them this weekend. Grrr!


The Ninni line has two other polka dot curtains which are a bright white with some pretty cool textures and styles. You should check them out if you're a polka dot lover like me.

* Dot Dot Dot *

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