My Latest Piece: Butterfly Kisses

I just finished my latest art piece for the house. It's a mixed media piece created with paper butterflies, graphite pencils and colored pencils. I was inspired by all of the butterfly stuff I've been seeing on the internet lately, and I'm so pleased with how it came out!

It started off like this:

I sketched out the woman's face on Bristol board, and then I cut out my favorite butterflies from the poster. That poster is also from Aaron Brothers Art & Framing (normally $4), and is one of the "two random posters" I mentioned in THIS post. Since I was already going to buy the map poster, I was able to get the butterfly poster for one cent. Not bad!

I ended up framing it in an acrylic box frame, which is something I haven't tried before. I like how it adds a nice modern feel to the piece. It also allows the butterflies to have some dimension within the acrylic box, which was a nice surprise. I placed black construction paper behind the drawing as a makeshift mat. Matting pictures makes them look SO much more professional and finished.
The drawing found a spot in the dark hallway. I wish this hallway were brighter for pictures, but there are no natural light sources. Quite frankly, we need to add some lighting in that hallway– sounds like a future project!

What do you think? 

* Time to watch Design Star! *

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