Mapping the Future

Perhaps it's the nerdy school child in me, but I love a great map. I'm especially fond of a great vintage map with pretty colors and unique features (so much more so than the primary colored, modern-day maps in today's classrooms). Anyway, when I saw this map poster at Aaron Brothers Art & Framing for only $6, I had to snatch it up.

Let's talk about Aaron Brothers for a second. As an artist, I appreciate their wide selection of art supplies and framing material. The stuff they sell is reasonably priced, but you're not getting a great bargain. That is, unless you happen to visit during the BOGO sale like I did a few weeks ago. They have a Buy One, Get One for a Penny sale that happens every year. Buy one huge canvas, get one of equal or lesser value for one cent. Basically, that goes for everything in the store. I walked in a few weeks ago to get a nice matted frame for the house portrait I was giving to Scott for our anniversary. I left with two big glass frames, two thick pads of scrapbook paper, two artist drawing pads (watercolor and Bristol board) and two random posters. I think I spent $60? Anyone who's ever bought art supplies knows they aren't cheap, so that was a fabulous price. 

The map poster was one of the "two random posters" I ended up purchasing. The hubs and I love to travel, so we always thought it would be fun to have a map and put little pins in it to see where we have been together so far. I had casually searched for a map in the past, but I hadn't found any maps with nice colors that were actually in my price range. That is, until the $6 map poster at Aaron Brothers caught my eye!

As a result of our young age, small budget and busy work schedules, we haven't been that many places so far. (We only counted the places we have been together, just the two of us.) We've got our hearts set on a big trip to Italy next summer, so I'm hoping to have some new pins right about here:

Did I glue the map to a cork board so I could stick pins in it? Nope, it's much simpler than that. I started off with this complicated plan in which I would glue sheets of thin cork board to the cardboard in the existing frame, creating a cork board where I could glue the map. Turns out the cardboard itself works just fine as a cork board, and the pins stick into it very nicely. (It's that cardboard that comes in the frame itself, behind the glass.) Shout out to my husband for being the voice of reason before I wasted a lot of time and effort!

I used Mod Podge to attach the map to the cardboard, although it wasn't very easy and it left a few wrinkles. If I did it again, I'd probably try some sort of spray adhesive. 

It's found a home in our lovely hallway, right between Scott's bathroom and the laundry room. 

While I'm on the topic of maps, I've been seeing some awesome rooms with map wallpaper. If we ever have a son, it would be hard to resist a map-themed nursery!

That Pottery Barn wall decal (8 ft by 5 ft) can be yours for $129. Check it out HERE.

Want something a little more graphic and bold, like this?
You can buy this wall decal on Amazon for only $27, and it comes in a rainbow of colors. I think it would make a really neat statement in a house or office.

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