Kitchen Art

There's a new something something hanging in the kitchen, and I love it!

First of all, a little about the painting. It was inspired by this photo I found on Pinterest:

I can't find a photo credit for this one...

I loved the composition, the bright umbrella and the moody sky. I used watercolors to paint my own version, complete with a pop of yellow.


I placed it on the wall that leads into the kitchen, which I think is the perfect place for this piece. By bringing in the grey/blue colors in the kitchen and adding pops of red and yellow that tie into the living room, it becomes a great bridge between the two spaces. Love it!

Closet Update: I have finished painting, and my right arm is officially dead. Painting ceilings is no joke! I'm hoping I'll be able to show you the finished product tomorrow...

* Tired! *
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