I Need Your Advice!

What do you think about painting interior doors something other than white? I've seen some really charming versions on Pinterest lately that have me contemplating painting some of our interior doors.

First, the front door. This is the best picture I have at the moment, but as you can see it is white-ish and matches the moulding.

We recently painting the outside of the door glossy black, which you can see HERE.  I've seen some black interior doors that have a really striking effect, like this one:

 from www.hollymathisinteriors.com

I also love this gorgeous blue door:

from www.thestir.cafemom.com

Do you think our front door would look good in a different color? If you were going to paint our door, what color would you paint it? Leave me a comment with your opinion below– I'm really on the fence about it right now!
* Looks like rain... *

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  1. Hi Jordan! I've never commented before, so I figured I'd preface my comment by saying I love your blog, and you have the cutest ideas! I am from EP also, we have friends in common, and somehow I think I found your blog through one of them.

    Anyway! I love the new black on the front door, and if it were just me, personally, I would paint the inside of the front black also - I'm matchy-matchy like that, though. Other interior doors painted do look beautiful, but I'd be too much of a wimp to do it!

  2. Why not go for it? It's just paint - you can always repaint it...

  3. I love black interior doors! Do it for me!

  4. I think the black door would look awesome!!! I really love your idea of painting the inside of the doors in colors! Love you!

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