I Love You This <----------> Much: DIY Greeting Card

I guess you could consider this Pinterest Challenge II because my original idea was inspired by THIS pin from my Pinterest account. (Read about Pinterest Challenge I HERE.)

We recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and the traditional gift is something made out of paper. In addition to the house portrait I drew for the hubster (it's fun to come up with different words for husband, don't you think?), I wanted to create a special, handmade card to go with my gift.

I'm somewhat obsessed with greeting cards. When I was little, I had ambitions of designing and writing greeting cards for Hallmark. Scott knows that the item I want the most on every single holiday is a handwritten message on a greeting card, and I've collected all of the cards he has given since our first date 8+ years ago. And yes, some of the cards he wrote me in high school are pretty hilarious. I even put them all in a journal and gave them to him right before our wedding so he could read all the things we have written back and forth over the years.

Anyway, back to the special anniversary card. I decided to put my own spin on that pin I linked to above by making my card out of a vintage book. It's actually a really simple project that anyone can do, although it helps to have some cute vintage books lying around.

The first thing I did was take some scissors and cut the spine of the book in half, vertically. Basically, I split the book in two.

Then I took out 10 pages from the middle of the book, removing them from the binding. I was left with 10 individual pages, separate from the book halves.

I used glue to adhere the pages to each other along the edges, making an accordion fold. The goal is to be able to stretch the book out like an accordion when you're finished.

The 12 accordion-glued pages were then glued back into the book, with each end connecting to one half of the book I had previously chopped in half.

On the front of the book, I took black acrylic craft paint and wrote the words "I Love You."

On the back of the book, I used the same paint to write "Jordan & Scott, 1st Anniversary."

Now, for the fun part. Each accordion-glued page of the book gets a big letter, spelling out T-H-I-S<------->M-U-C-H- over the 10 pages (or however many pages you decide to use).

I think the goal should be for your arms to open wide when you demonstrate your card. That's right, this card definitely has to be properly revealed and demonstrated for full effect. Dorky types like me can have a lot of fun with that part, I'm sure.

Lastly, I opened the inside back cover and wrote a personal message to the hub-a-lub (awesome husband nickname #2). If you wanted, you could write your message on the section with the arrows or in another part of the book. I debated writing in the arrow part but ending up going with the inside back cover instead so I didn't have to write over book pages with text.  

(The text looks weird because I blurred it– I don't want to put my love letter into the blogosphere.)

In case you're wondering, I did do a full reveal of the card on our anniversary that went like this:

Me (holding front cover): "Now, read the front..."
Scott reads the front, looking somewhat confused that my card is actually a book...

Me (arms stretched open to reveal "THIS MUCH"): "Look what I made!!!"
Scott, eyebrows raised, gives me a chuckle. 

Me (holding the back cover): "Do you love it?!"
Scott nods very convincingly, but I can tell he is laughing on the inside.

Me (opening it to the back inside cover and pointing): "AND I wrote you a note right here."
Scott snatches the book, examines my construction, looks satisfied and finally reads the letter. I think he really did appreciate the extra effort, as opposed to just buying a card.
The nuggets joined me for this picture because they make every picture so much better!

(Sorry I didn't put more effort into my appearance for these photos, but workout clothes are my general uniform. It's part of my workout philosophy– if I'm already wearing my workout clothes, I'm that much more likely to actually work out!)

* Did I ever tell you I was captain of the book bowl team? *
Yes, I was (and still am) a nerd.
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