Glossy Black Front Door

Check out the new front door color:

What used to be a matte brown color is now a deep, glossy black. Scott tackled this project last weekend while I was gone, even though he really hates painting and it was about a million degrees outside. Good thing, too, because I had already made that door black in the house portrait I gave him for our anniversary two days later. Let's just say I was hoping he would paint it by then since we had been talking about it for a few weeks. 

This is what the old door looked like when we first moved in:

And now:

The glossy black is a paint reject from Lowe's that we scooped up for $5. Not bad! It coordinates with our black shutters and makes the front door stand out a bit more.

This wreath is the MVP of our front door and is sentimental to me because we bought two of them to hang on the church doors at our wedding last year. It's from Hobby Lobby, and I think it's the best wreath ever created. Perfect size and perfect apple green color! Simple, not too fussy. It looks great at Christmas with a simple red bow on it, and it's now had a full year of hanging on the front door without coming down. I love how the black color makes the wreath really pop!

Do you have anything fun on tap this weekend? I'm volunteering at our church's youth girls lock-in tonight, and Scott wants to go see a few movies before football takes over his life. Two-a-days for his team start Monday, so this weekend is the official end to our summer. We're hoping to relax and enjoy this lovely triple-digit heat by escaping into a movie theater!

* We Painted Glossy Black...*
(Sing it to the tune of Justin Timberlake's "I'm bringing sexy back..."– it totally works!)

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