Closet Makeover Sneak Peek

I've been working on my closet makeover as much as possible, and let's just say I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to take this on! Holy moly, my closet has a lot of nooks and crannies that  make for very tedious painting. I still have to paint the top shelves and the ceiling, and I don't know if my back and right arm can take all this work!

Meanwhile, here are a few Instagram-tastic pictures I took on my iPhone just to give you an idea what I've been up to inside the closet:

Reduced paint from the Lowe's paint reject shelf– that's how we roll around here. If you look closely, you'll see the paint colors on my ziploc-sealed brushes. Let's just say White House | Black Market would be proud.

The chandelier hunt has led to an ambitious DIY effort– fingers crossed that I can pull it off and come in under budget ($50)! 

You know what would be bad? Spending money on supplies for a DIY project, disliking the results of the DIY project and eventually buying a replacement that costs more than the original budget for the item you were going to DIY (+ the cost of wasted DIY supplies).  I bought supplies, so now failure is NOT AN OPTION! I'm feeling dramatic tonight. :)

I can't wait to show you the new and improved closet later this week. When I finally get it done, we'll get to talk about whitewashing, fake crystals, wood stickers, mini carpets, matte vs. gloss paint, hoarding, fancy clothes hangers and many other lovely topics I've thought about as I slave away in that teeny, tiny space. Did I mention it's hot in there?

* late night blogging *

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