Closet Makeover: Finished!

It's finished!

Let's go back a year and look at it when we first bought the house:

And NOW!  
(Thank you, sweet nugget #2, for posing so adorably. She works so well with the color scheme!)

This project was a lot more work than I expected, but I am so so SO happy with how it came out. The new closet feels much bigger and brighter and ties in well with our master bedroom, unlike the cedar beast we had before. I was going for a "glamourous shabby chic" look, and I think that's what we ended up with!

Here's what I did to change the space this time, after mini-makeover #1 in February:

* Whitewash every inch of the space... walls, ceiling, cabinets, drawers. UGH! My arm was so tired, and my back was killing me!

* Paint the beige mirror glossy black for some "glam"

* Make a chandelier and install it around the existing recessed lighting. You'll be happy to know that I came in at $35 and saved a bunch of money by making my own. I can't wait to share my method with you in my next post!

* Add crystal knobs to the drawers. There were no knobs before, and they were a pain to open.

* Tear out the ratty old carpet and continue the flooring we used in the master bedroom.

I had fun arranging it like a little boutique with some of my favorite white wardrobe items. If only I could keep it that sparse– ya right!

That white beaded top was passed on to me by my late grandmother, and I wore it for our engagement party. The white dress with the bow sash was my exit outfit at the wedding, and the white eyelet dress was the rehearsal dinner outfit. I guess I chose those items to display because A) they are white, B) I love them, and C) they bring back wonderful memories.

The master bedroom is full of my clothes and shoes that I took out of the closet to work on the project, and I'm going to do some reorganizing (and donating) before I throw it all back in there. I'll be back with pictures to show you how it looks once it is totally functional. 

Also, I want to find a little rug for that space. Any ideas? Do you think a small rectangular rug or  a runner would be best? I like this one from Crate & Barrel and this one from Ikea, but I'm open to other ideas!

* Whitewash Hangover *
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