The Chair: Slipcover Madness

Back in June, I told you we were going to have slipcovers made for our super awesome $5 vintage chair. My mom had found a lady near her house that was willing to make them (yes, we got two) for a really reasonable price, so she offered to have them made as my birthday present.

Why did I get slipcoveres instead of having the chair reupholstered? A couple of reasons:
  1.  Getting something reupholstered is more expensive.
  2.  The dogs LOVE this chair, and I like the idea of being able to take the slipcover off and wash it. Dog hair is a problem in this house.
  3. More options! I could get two slipcovers for less than reupholstering the chair, so that means I can give the chair a new outfit whenever I feel like it. Who doesn't like having more versatility?!
Three months after my birthday, the chair has been returned to its rightful place in the living room and is sporting some brand new duds! (It didn't take that long to actually make the slipcovers, but my mom has had the chair at her house until they came to visit us again.

The first new outfit is graphic, funky and fun. It's a lemon yellow fabric with grey and white accents. Oh-so-geometric and oh-so-cute! This fabric plays up the mod, 50's vibe the chair already has. Did I mention this is indoor/outdoor fabric? Extra durable!

It doesn't hurt that it has great accessories– that owl pillow ups the cuteness factor by 1,000 percent. Even Scott likes the pillow, which is saying something. The boy hates throw pillows.

Nugget #1 is very happy to have her throne back in the house.

I know these pictures aren't the best, but the lovely nuggets have chewed up my camera battery charger so I'm stuck with iPhone pictures until the new one comes in. Sorry!
The second outfit is neutral and classic. It would go with anything and everything, which is awesome. This tan herringbone pattern a little heavier fabric than the first and seems like a cozy, wintery option. When I get tired of the bright yellow, I can tone it down with this slipcover and its beige-y goodness. 

Herringbone on the owl, herringbone on the chair!

Speaking of chairs, check out this rocker from the Land of Nod:

The Land of Nod

I'm thinking it would be pretty cool to convert this vintage chair into a rocking chair one day, when we're in the baby phase. I hope it holds up that long! Meanwhile, our fur babies love it just the way it is.

I picked up that cute owl pillow from Pier 1, in case you were wondering. 

* My love affair with THE chair is back on again. :) *

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