Anniversary Flight

Yesterday was our first wedding anniversary! We bought a Groupon for a three course meal and 30 minute sightseeing flight over Dallas, and we decided to do that as our official anniversary date. I was slightly nervous about flying in one of those tiny planes, but it was incredibly fun. We picked the perfect time of day to fly and watched the sunset from 1,500 feet above DFW.

"We're #1!" (One year of marriage, anyway.)

Here's a little video of the landing so you can get a feel for it. The best part was when he opened the cockpit a little bit mid-flight so we could have the air blowing in our faces. That's the wind noise you hear in this video. Of course, we didn't hear anything because we had those heavy duty headsets on. You could use the microphones to talk back and forth, and it was fun to listen to the official air traffic control guys talk to each other and warn the pilots about a coyote on runway 4. I cracked up when I heard that!


I have a lot to share with you this week, including a DIY outdoor fountain tutorial and a front door makeover.  Our anniversary gifts were mostly handmade projects, so I'll show you how we did those later this week, too. 
Unfortunately, Scott went back to work this week (and so begins football season), so I'm expecting a dip in the amount of work around the house he can accomplish. I guess I'll have to pick up the slack!
* It's going to be 107 degrees today. YAY. *
That's 31 straight days of 100+ temperatures in DFW– no wonder my plants are dead. I'll blame the temperatures, not my lack of green thumb. :)

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